Get to Know This Year’s Businesses

Meet the Class of 2021’s FME businesses.


We are a 100% recyclable, one-time-use emergency chargers that targets individuals on the go who don’t always carry with them bulky portable chargers. The product charges up to 35% and fits easily into one’s bag, pocket, or even keychain, making it perfect for emergency situations when one needs to make a phone call or call an Uber.

BOFA: The Babson Sofa

BOFA: The Babson Sofa aims to provide students with a simple and relaxing way to socialize anywhere on campus. Our company sells electricity-free, inflatable sofas that are comfortable, portable, and affordable. With our #buyaBOFAgiveaBLANKET initiative, our company also focuses on making a positive impact in the community by donating a blanket for every BOFA sold to a local homeless shelter.


We make a variety of pre-made boxes, primarily being sold online using a pay-per-box system. Our starting boxes include the night-in box and stress box. Each of our boxes will contain roughly 3–5 items specific to the box, and can be bought as a gift or for oneself.

Bubble Garden

Bubble Garden is a product-based reseller of succulent plants with a focus on promoting a healthy lifestyle as well as sustainability. Our goal is to provide a form of décor unique to typical decorations in one’s bedroom while simultaneously supporting local suppliers, but most importantly, provide a product with convenience, high quality, yet at a reasonable price to the Babson community.

Campus Cuts

We are a nonprofit venture that aims to bring grooming services onto our campus. We’ve found that students either do not know where to get their haircut, do not have the time, or don’t want to spend the extra money on transportation. We partnered with Mobile Cuts Boston to bring ease to these three pains. Students can now achieve their professional look in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Clothes Catch

Clothes Catch sells its product to residential college students. It is a webbing strap that allows students to hold all of their laundry together.


ConnectMe is a centralized entertainment platform created by students from Babson College to help college students find entertainment, events, and deals around the Boston area.


Wrinkles are a part of life, but give your clothes to Crisp, and in 24 hours we’ll have you looking fantastic! Our steaming service is more affordable than dry cleaning, gentler on fabric than ironing, and located right on campus. We’re here to receive clothing everyday outside West Innovation Center from 6–7 p.m. and by tomorrow you’ll be looking Crisp.


DormMat makes high-quality, durable Babson-branded mats. Our mats are great for keeping your room/house dry while showing your Babson pride.


Comfortable, fashion-forward, and iconic across Europe, Gauccios is an active-wear house shoe that is perfect for day-to-day tasks inside as well as outside! Each Gauccios shoe is handmade by highly skilled artisans in Spain and is made from 100% organic jute and canvas, which represents our mission to honor the Spanish and Argentinian farmers who created the humble design.

GLSB – Giving Life to Small Businesses

GLSB is a digital marketing agency that aims to establish or improve the online presence of small businesses through services such as website design, social media management, branding and logo, and photography and videography sessions. By providing high-quality work to our clients, GLSB’s mission is to represent their brands and effectively reach their target markets.


Harüfu sells a fashionable accessory with decorative beads (such as lava beads) in which you can spray/soak your perfume, cologne, or essential oil. With this design, your scent of preference would stay with you as long as you want it to or 2–3 days (taking off the accessory when the scent is no longer required or soaking it in water).

JetSet Hanger

JetSet Hanger is the multipurpose, time- and space-saving hanger for busy, on-the-go people. This hanger can hold a variety of articles, including shirts, pants, belts, jewelry, and more! JetSet Hanger is unique because it can hold at least an entire outfit, and allows the consumer to organize their closets, plan their outfits, and travel easily.

Joey’s Pouch

Joey’s Pouch sells convenient and functional pouches. The purpose is to hold and provide easy access to valuables, while also benefiting Australian wildlife. The purpose of the cute Kangaroo logo on each pouch sparks a conversation. The social value of Joey’s Pouch is to raise awareness regarding the prevalence of animal cruelty in Australia, specifically among Kangaroos.

Just Socks

Just Socks is a sock company that will produce fuzzy, formal, and athletic socks, and will sell them across Babson’s campus and hopefully online to parents of Babson students and alumni. The socks will be made out of 100% organic hemp which we hope to produce locally at manufacturing plants in either Worcester, MA, or South Station, Boston. For every pair of socks we sell, we will donate another pair to the pan y Amor Association associated with the Manos del sur foundation.


KareKit is a social venture that aims to sell creative, fun care packages to young children while pledging to donate one KareKit to Houston Hurricane survivors for every two we sell. We seek to put a smile on the face of child hurricane survivors who have just lost everything and are in desperate need of emotional stability.

KOA Distributions

HerBox is monthly subscription by KOA service providing a monthly care package consisting of feminine hygiene and wellness products. The care package is dependent on the user’s needs. It can include: pads, tampons, chocolate, pantyliners, nail polish, and lotion. You can make one-off purchases of your customized HerBox, or you can subscribe for repeated delivery.


Allowing people to afford cheap and comfortable, yet fashionable, sweatshirts for the colder weather.


MetiBottle is an insulated and technologically advanced water bottle for hot and cold beverages that allows you to track your daily water intake by connecting to an app using Bluetooth technology. Once you input your age, height, and weight, it will give you a specific amount of water you should consume daily to stay hydrated. With every sip you take, the bottle automatically calibrates with the app, letting you know how much closer you are to your daily goal!


Mugful is a mug cake kit that allows you to make a delicious, personal-sized cake quickly and easily in the microwave. Cake packets come in four flavors, and all you have to do is add water to enjoy.


MyStack is a supplement retailer that specializes in providing quality nutritional supplements to fitness enthusiasts and elite athletes. MyStack aims to enhance the lives of its customers by providing certified supplements at below retail prices.


A smart umbrella that can be folded reversibly and has a convenient C-shaped handle. OneBella aspires to provide a safe, modern, convenient, and an aesthetic alternative to protect our customers from nature’s harshest conditions.

Paper Pockets

Paper Pockets is a revolutionary product that combines both organization and technology. Our product is a folder that attaches to the back of a laptop and allows users to carry documents, notebooks, pens, and pencils together with their laptop. With four Velcro squares on each corner of the Paper Pocket, the user can safely attach and detach on the back of any 13+-inch laptop.


QuikStick is a web-based sticker company that provides custom vinyl and paper stickers to Babson and Olin affiliates with on campus dorms or offices. Customers choose stickers from original pre-set designs on our website or upload their personal photo files for sticker creation. All stickers are manufactured on campus and delivered directly to dorms and offices within 1–4 days without minimum order requirements.

Reduce, Reuse, Rebound!

Reduce Reuse Rebound is an attachable mini basketball hoop that encourages children to create fun lifelong recycling habits.


Sensual is a discrete delivery service that provides Babson College students with the essentials for safe and consensual sex. We will deliver these care packages to the front of college students’ doorsteps in a convenient manner.


Serenity is a business committed to providing steps toward wellness, health, and serenity to all that it touches. This includes the scope of its customers, employees, and all that touch its products through the supply chain. The business specializes in quality aroma therapy diffusers with pure grade doTERRA-certified essential oils. The diffuser doubles as a night light with an option for rotating colors and diffuses mist into the air for up to four hours. Serenity sells three essential oils: lemon, lavender, and peppermint which are used to resolve headaches, relax, revitalize your mood as well as make your room a peaceful and beautifully scented place to live, sleep, and work.

SGS Designs

We are a logo design and marketing company focusing on selling to other FME ventures and organizations on campus. We are focusing on bringing professional designs to those in our network.


Slide is a slim, detachable case that is placed on the back of any smartphone and encloses one’s most important key and card. After the observation of students struggling to keep track of their ID cards or room keys, our goal was to create peace of mind and convenience by allowing them to have one secure place to both items on hand.

Sova Mask

Sova Mask is an innovative sleep mask with a blackout design, and a noise canceler, to provide a sound, restful sleep and soft lining for added comfort. It also contains a built-in Bluetooth technology that gives you access to connect your phone to your mask in order to play a music or set an alarm; It is a chargeable mask with adjustable volume and a long battery life. The mask is ideal for frequent and international travelers as well as anyone as it provides the comfort and accessibility for rest in airplanes or sleep.


Space Case is an innovative and new phone case that uses micro-suction technology to stick to any flat surface. The company will be run around selling these phone cases.

Stress Away

Stress Away is a compact box filled with everything a college student needs for a stress-free semester. Our box includes stress-relief hand sanitizer, a stress ball, dark chocolate, a magnesium supplement, a fidget spinner, and tips to manage daily stress. Our goal is to provide students with healthy approaches to deal with school-related anxiety, while simultaneously raising mental health awareness through our charitable component. A percentage of our profits will be donated to a local charity, right here in Wellesley, MA, called the Lighthouse Charitable Foundation, which makes mental healthcare affordable for all families.

Tearible Notebooks

Tearible Notebooks are your solution to maintain an organized system within your education and keep a smile on your face. Tearible Notebooks are hardcover quality notebooks that have funny, student-related quotes. Perfect for your school work, as a gift for a friend, or a loved one.

The Arrangers

We are an air mattress delivery service. We deliver inflatable beds to you with the option of adding pillows and blankets. We aim to make having friends sleep over more convenient and comfortable for you.

The Big Blanket

The Big Blanket, is a one-for-one, for-profit business. We will sell our product, an enormous and oversized blanket, to college students in the Boston area. Because Babson and its students value social and economic impact, we seek to take a portion of our profits and donate a blanket for every blanket that we sell. Through our one-for-one model we can achieve social impact at Babson, but also assist those who are experiencing homelessness with the donation of blankets.


Turbota is a Babson business that provides delicious snacks and basic essentials to Babson students that live on campus. Our products are both affordable and accessible. We have two services: Turbota X and Turbota VIP. Turbota X is our general service that provides customers with delicious snacks on the go from our booth in Reynolds Campus Center. Turbota VIP is our premium service that sells basic essentials.


We are selling a leather passport holder with trackable technology in it. It will hold a passport, boarding pass, and many more things commonly carried for travel


WaterMatters was founded with the goal of creating as much awareness for clean water access issues in the Boston area as possible; however, we quickly realized that we don’t just want to create awareness—we want to make a change. This is where we created the WaterMatters T-Shirt. Manufactured to be both ethical and sustainable, these shirts were a perfect fit for our cause. Each WaterMatters shirt is made in Guatemala by workers paid twice the living wage, in factories held to U.S. labor standards. Further, each shirt is made out of 100% recycled materials, 50% recycled plastic water bottles and 50% recycled polyester. From the sale of each shirt, we will immediately donate $5 to local charities that work on clean water issues in the Boston area.