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Class ProfileS

Babson Graduate Class Profile - 40+ Countries, 29% Women, 55+ Languages

From a novelist to an equestrian, a race car driver to a Special Olympics coach, Babson students are as diverse as they come, each pursuing their graduate degree with varying focus.

Some want to start a new venture. Others want to switch careers entirely. And, many want to accelerate their current career. Babson prepares all of these individuals with the strong functional knowledge and vision needed to navigate change, accommodate ambiguity, surmount complexity, and motivate teams in a common purpose to solve difficult issues around the world.

MBA Class Profile
Class Size 52 143 66 155
Women​ 48% 28% 32% 35%
International 58% 66% 5% 5%
U.S. Diversity 36% 33% 13% 28%
Average GMAT Score 601 630 554 n/a
Average GPA 3.4 3.13 3.24 3.05
Average Yrs Professional Experience
5 5 6.5 9.5
One-Year and Two-Year data represents most recent enrolled class. Evening and Blended Learning data represents 2014-2015 academic year enrollment.
Current total enrollment is approximately 1,200 students.
*Represents two locations.
MSA and MSM Class Profiles
Class Size 23 49
Women 52% 37%
International 22% 65%
U.S. Diversity 33% 12%
Average GMAT Score ** 611
Average GRE Quantitative Score N/A 156
Average Undergraduate GPA 3.29 3.31
Average Yrs Professional Experience 6 months 8 months
MSA data represents academic year 2014-2015.
MSEL data represents most recent enrolled class.
**Not reported due to insufficient sample size. GMAT is not required of all candidates.