Renee Edwards ’13


Renee Edwards ’13 / Brooklyn, New York

“Toward the end of 10th grade, while looking for schools that had a major in entrepreneurship, I started researching Babson, and learned about Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship, the Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Design (TED) concentration, and Babson’s top performance in entrepreneurship. I immediately became obsessed with Babson.

“In the 11th grade, I learned about the Posse scholarship program. I was interested in Posse, but only if Babson was an affiliate. One night, a friend sent me a message on Facebook, saying, ‘THEY HAVE BABSON.’ That night, I became obsessed with Posse, too.

“Being a Posse scholar allowed me to attend Babson, where I had the most amazing experiences, from classroom experiences to cocurricular activities to the international opportunities, including spending a semester abroad in Ghana, taking an elective abroad in South Africa, teaching students in Rwanda with the Babson-Rwanda Entrepreneurship Center (BREC) and with the Babson Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy (BELA), and working in Costa Rica on an organic permaculture farm.


“I strongly believe that countries that are referred to as Third World, underdeveloped, or developing are, in fact, some of the most culturally, socially, and communally developed places. Now, I understand more fully that limit does not necessitate lack. Limit can be an opportunity to explore creative abundance. To me, this is the epitome of Entrepreneurial Thought and Action®, and my experiences abroad radiate this truth. This mindset has taught me to do the things I love better than I’ve ever done them, and possibly better than they’ve been done before.

“My power to change the world lies in my ability to change myself. In every moment, I’m trying to choose thoughts, feelings, words, and actions that are more creative than destructive, more compassionate than condemning, more uplifting than defeating.

“As I have moved through Babson, Babson has moved through me, in every aspect of my life. The support I received in every area of my Babson career—whether from Babson staff, the Posse program, or my peers—is incredible.

“I can’t come close to naming each person who shaped my Babson experience. I have so much love, appreciation, and pride in Babson, its amazing faculty, and the dedicated, loving staff members who are the soul of this campus. Babson was my home for the past four years, and the people I’ve met are not like family, they are family.”

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