Kelvin Ha ’16


Kelvin Ha ’16 / Hong Kong

“For a long time I had no idea what entrepreneurship meant. It’s funny, since now I want to become a serial entrepreneur. It only made sense to go to the No. 1 school for entrepreneurship, and I was immediately attracted by what Babson offers, including its small class sizes. I really value an intimate learning environment, where the faculty know each student by name, pay attention to each person, and can give personalized advice.

“I see Babson’s freedom of change as a miniature of the business world—where opportunities are always available, waiting for you to exploit them.”

“Babson’s way of teaching entrepreneurship via Entrepreneurial Thought and Action® is what encouraged me to knock on the door of Professor Mandel to ask for advice on liability and copyright issues. Collaborating with the Babson community lets me quickly pull together the resources I need to take the next step on my projects, breaking down my larger goals into manageable tasks. It’s all about starting with the means at hand—and at Babson there’s a lot of means at your fingertips.

“At the same time, student clubs and organizations allow me to create a space for myself to explore my interest in graphic design. As the vice president for brand management at Babson Marketing Association, I’m working to implement interactive advertisements for our organization. And, by working in the field with graphic design and marketing leaders, I’m getting the insights I need to succeed in the real world.

“At Babson, if there are changes that students want to see, the school almost always allows the freedom for it. I see Babson’s freedom of change as a miniature version of the business world—where opportunities are always available, waiting for you to exploit them.

“I’ve also realized that age makes a huge difference in what kinds of opportunities are available to me. Being young, I am often perceived differently—and this impression actually gives me more chances to bring about change. I value what my age offers me and, paired with my experience, skills, and relationships, it’s all I need to make a difference in the world.”

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