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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Babson Entrepreneurial Development Experience

Develop your skills as a passionate, self-motivated entrepreneur.​

In this 4-week on campus course, students will focus on developing themselves as an entrepreneur through immersion in Babson’s methodology of Entrepreneurial Thought & Action. They will cultivate leadership, communication, presentation, critical thinking, opportunity recognition, and analytical skills in a hands-on, team based environment. 

Each student will acquire a unique understanding of the entrepreneurial process – a process of opportunity recognition, resource marshaling, and team building – driven by business methodologies in idea generation, feasibility analysis, and new venture communications. They will also explore and approach social, economic, and environmental issues as opportunities in the context of new venture creation.

Students are expected to conceptualize a venture that considers a community need or issue with which they are passionate and dedicated, and devise an action plan to accomplish it. This could be a social, civic, traditional or family business venture, service project, awareness campaign or other program that must be able to be implemented with resources available to the students. They will position your new venture initiative into the local community or greater world picture through corporate citizenship and business development, demonstrating an understanding of the feasibility for the right business idea and learning to identify opportunities and the methodology to successfully act on them. Students will participate in Milestone Presentations throughout the program and will ultimately share their projects at the final showcase event. ​

See the 2016 Syllabus: ​​​​​

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Aylin Senclift

“I have been thinking about ways to have an impact on education but I never knew where to start. This program gave me everything to develop a project that I can implement in my own country.”

— Aylin Senclift
Summer Study ’12