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High School Students

Babson offers unique opportunities for High School Students to engage with college life and entrepreneurship.

Babson's Summer Study and its signature course Babson Entrepreneurial Development Experience provides a living/learning laboratory in a five-week, residential, academic credit-bearing experience for students to focus on applying and advancing their knowledge in business and entrepreneurship. In this collaborative community, students will gain the tools and experience firsthand how to impact and reshape organizations, industries, and the world. Each program will introduce students to Babson’s way of Entrepreneurial Thought and Action® and provide resources and strategies for students to think about company and world issues through their classes, cases, speakers, and scheduled activities.

Students may earn college credit and learn from top-ranked faculty in a challenging and ambitious campus atmosphere. They will differentiate themselves from their peers for college applications and have the opportunity to build their network in meeting with business leaders and industry experts, all while exploring the city of Boston.