A fresh class of Babson graduates joins the workforce this month, well prepared and willing to work. “Strong preparation and readiness to work differentiate Babson grads,” says Dave Visco ’95, a managing director, global equities at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in Boston. “It’s typically a really proud moment for me to introduce young alumni to corporate life, especially at Bank of America, because you know their strong skills will be recognized by peers and colleagues immediately.”

Sid Kapur ’14 is one of these young graduates who will be joining Bank of America Merrill Lynch in New York City this summer. Early in his job search, Sid and a handful of peers from his finance classes participated in Babson’s Wall Street Trek, organized by the Center for Career Development. There, they had a day of meetings with different banks and firms. “It was during this trip that I met with several Babson alums who worked at Bank of America—an important first step,” he says. “I had a summer internship, accepted a full-time offer, and now I am looking forward to learning about Bank of America’s different client companies and how they conduct their business.”

Dave and Sid work in different cities and offices, but share an important Babson connection. Dave recently hosted a reception for Bank of America’s Babson alumni, and said it was great to network with colleagues and fellow graduates. “While we don’t have a formal Babson network at the bank yet, hopefully this was a good first step in starting one,” he says.

When Dave first explored Babson in the early 1990s on the recommendation of a high school guidance counselor, he didn’t know very much about the school. “I knew that Babson meant business, even though at the time I didn’t really know what business meant yet.” Four years on campus helped define Dave’s life, and he hasn’t taken his class ring off since graduating 19 years ago. Dave and his wife, Jen, met at Babson, and his best friends—a group that bonded early on at Babson—still reunite annually for vacations. “For me, Babson was the connection point to a lot of different people,” he says. “It was never just one connection, but many: truly the power of a broad network.”

Dave stays involved as a member of the Board of Overseers and by spending time with current students through recruiting and admissions events. Sid, meanwhile, is still at the beginning of what he hopes will be an exciting new chapter of alumni life. “I’ve been surprised by how relevant our academic curriculum is to the real world,” he says, noting that this kind of foundation will help build a career. He hopes to help future Babson students secure jobs and internships. “To me, growing and strengthening our community this way is the most rewarding part of being an alum,” says Sid. “Going to a small school is an advantage, because the Babson experience is so fondly remembered and this really shows in the closeness of our network.”