Five Ques­tions for Shaun Steingold MBA’08, Babson Alumni Club of San Fran­cisco Presi­dent.

What role has Babson played in your career and development?  My first job out of college was starting a business. I was 23 when I sold it, and didn’t know what to do next. I was inspired to keep growing, learning, and investing in myself, and a Babson MBA was without a doubt the only logical destination for me. I come from a family of doctors, and from them I’d learned how interconnected all the systems in the body are. Babson taught me to see business the same way. I networked a lot as graduation approached, and the Center for Career Development helped introduce me to the head of SVB Capital, which led to my job opportunity.

How have you helped other Babson community members in their professional development?  I passionately believe that we are all part of a big Babson family. I hope everyone knows that here in San Francisco, our Babson spirit is strong! I often get questions from people considering moving to the Bay Area, inquiring about jobs, neighborhoods, or other elements of San Francisco life. We always want to help people as much as we can, and I’m consistently impressed by the quality of questions I’m asked and the character of the people. I think it’s very telling about Babson today—our students truly are the best and brightest.

How does the alumni community in the Bay Area support career progression?  I’ve been in San Francisco since 2008, and have seen the process go full circle. About a year after I graduated, I spoke with someone about to graduate. He wasn’t 100% happy with the job he’d landed in San Francisco, but I encouraged him to move anyway and that it would be easier to get a new job if he was working and in the city. About 18 months later, he got his dream job, and I recently found out that he just coached someone else through a similar situation. I think the best stories are where I’m not involved, but I’m encouraging other people to do the right thing and keep paying it forward.

What’s the best part about Babson Con­nect events?  I love that Babson Con­nect events are an open invita­tion to the Babson family. It brings out stu­dents who might be inter­ested in moving to San Fran­cis­co. Second­ly, it has done a wonder­ful job of reach­ing out to local compa­nies and getting them connect­ed to Babson. If you start looking at the roster of companies that have been at the jobs fair component of the program, they’re growing in strength. Looking for a job is not something you do only after you graduate. The Babson family should always help people make the next step later in their careers, and Babson Connect offers that bridge.

What do others need to know about Babson?  Babson breeds greatness. It instills in its graduates a sense of confidence and ability to manage any opportunity and obstacle with the belief that they can lead, work within a team, or by oneself to succeed. In the Bay Area, those who have heard of Babson know the caliber of the school and its graduates, and think it’s fantastic. Coincidentally, I now work for a Babson graduate, and we always joke that to build your company, hire Babson grads. To populate it with midlevel managers, hire from other schools. I will never hesitate to hire Babson graduates. I’ve learned that if you want something done, hire someone from Babson!​​