Amy Bohm Levine MBA’01 guides the brand strategy for Cabot Creamery, and champions local dairy farmers.

Amy Bohm Levine MBA’01 is the director of marketing at Cabot Creamery in Vermont. Nearly everything about her job is unique—for example, consider that her organization is owned and operated by 1,200 dairy farm families! Amy’s commitment to sustainable, social-impact work, together with a love of nature and rural landscapes, led her to Vermont after earning an MBA at Babson. Despite being hundreds of miles from campus, she continues to forge both business and community partnerships with fellow Babson alums.

What’s the best part of your job? 

Working for the dairy farmers. Cabot’s a cooperative, which is more complex than a traditional business model, but really powerful in its own right. We’re owned by 1,200 dairy farmers throughout New England and upstate New York who all work together toward a common end goal.

There’s a larger purpose to what we do which grounds me. We’re not just marketing a consumer product, our work also ensures the future of family dairy farms for today and generations to come.

How did the Cabot Community Celebrity Award Cruise get started? 

Our dairy farmers are really the backbones of their communities; they are the volunteer firefighters, they serve on their school boards, they’re the folks who are always there. We wanted to honor the spirit of the farmers by honoring volunteers in the communities where our products are sold and marketed. We thought it would be fun to partner with Celebrity Cruises and create a celebrity event that’s more about community heroes than people in Hollywood, so each year we send about 50 people on an all-expenses-paid cruise. Since 2010, we’ve honored community celebrities across the country including Babson’s own Jon Feinman M’10.

What has been your biggest career success? 

I’m doing some of the most exciting work of my career right now on Cabot’s brand positioning and its long-term future direction. I hope there are more highlights to come from the work that we’re doing!

What advice would you give people interested in food industry careers?

It’s far more complicated than you might think in terms of how products get to shelves and how they stay there. Be prepared to learn a whole new language and understand how things work. Start small and really work locally to gain distribution networks that you can eventually expand.

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How has Babson played a role in your career?

Some great connections have come from just reading about fellow Babson alums in the magazine and newsletters. One great example is a partnership we have with Brown’s Super Stores in Philadelphia. I read a story on their founder and CEO

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What about Babson has surprised you the most since you’ve graduated?

I’m pleased to see the greater focus on social entrepreneurship, as well as the work Food Sol is doing. Certainly in my day, I was kind of the rare breed who was coming at a business from a more socially responsible front. It’s rewarding to see that becoming a greater part of the curriculum.

What’s the best part about being a Babson alum?

I love being connected to such a well-respected entrepreneurship institution. The alumni network and the ability to see all the cool things other people are doing is inspiring!