The roots of Babson’s alumni community run deep. Stacy Betancourt ’98, MBA ’10 can attest to this fact.

Betancourt was looking to join the technology sector in Boston, MA. The skills she developed at Babson and her subsequent work experience allowed her to set her goals on joining one of the fastest growing technology companies in the Northeast—crowdtesting pioneer Applause.

When Betancourt saw an opening for a perfect-for-her role in human resources at Applause, she took to LinkedIn to learn more about the company. There, she discovered Chris Malone ’00, MBA ’07, her former classmate, was Applause’s chief financial officer. She sent him a message to learn more, leaning on that Babson history to help get her foot in the door.

It worked.

It has been two years since Betancourt joined Applause. Her contributions have resulted in increased roles and responsibilities at the company. It also kicked off a “Network Effect,” whereby Applause has become a hot spot for interns, graduating seniors, and Babson alumni. Betancourt, working with Malone and other colleagues, has instituted a recruiting program to drive candidates from the college into the year-round Applause Sales Internship Program. Betancourt says roughly 90 percent of the students who take on Applause’s sales intelligence internship are from Babson, and some have already signed on to become full-time employees after graduation.

“The skills and connections you develop at Babson last a lifetime,” said Malone. “Stacy is an integral part of the Applause team, and has introduced Applause to even more Babson students. She is passionate about helping the Babson community and is a great resource to anyone looking for advice, guidance or career opportunities.”

While she had previously built a rapport with Malone, Betancourt is quick to share that sometimes Babson is the only connection you need. “If someone called me today and said they were also a Babson alumnus, I would do anything to help them … even if we hadn’t met.”

Aside from the extensive network of alumni around the world, Betancourt chose Babson for the utility of a business degree. “I wanted to gain experience I could use anywhere, and business was the way to go,” she said. “The skills you learn taking these classes are transferable in so many ways.”

She found career passion in human resources, bringing an entrepreneurial mindset to help companies build strong organizational cultures.

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She broke into the field with help from her personal network. Most of her career had been in highly regulated industries such as banking and manufacturing. Betancourt wanted to get back to her entrepreneurial roots, which is when she found Applause and that perfect position. She’s now the Director of Human Resources, working alongside Malone and other Babson alumni as the company—recently acquired by Vista Equity Partners—continues to build its brand and make an impact in digital experience quality.

Betancourt plans to attend an upcoming internship fair to attract even more Babson talent. If you see her at a fair, or volunteering with Babson’s Coaching for Leadership and Teamwork Program, or even at her upcoming 20th reunion, don’t be afraid to reach out—she’s here to help. “Whether you’re a first-year student or a 10-year graduate, or anything else, don’t be afraid. The community and our pride for the school tie us together. That’s the kind of relationships Babson fosters. I’d love to help.”