The Babson Alumni and Friends Network is committed to providing you with personal enrichment and support at various stages of your life and career.

With that in mind, we are offering you the following resources:

BIG Business: The Influence of Data & Analytics on Consumers and Companies
The reach and impact of big data in both business and in personal lives is massive and will play an increasingly powerful role as the amount of data available for analysis intensifies. Our expert panelists discuss the practical side of big data and data analytics and share their experience and insights on better ways to reach customers and how to empower yourself in the workplace using data. Listen now​.

What’s Next: A Dialogue about Career Re-invention for Midlife and Beyond
Noted career and executive coaches Cissie Klavens M’79 and Carol Malysz M’01 share strategies for assessing your interests, and translating strengths and passions into a second or encore career. Listen now​ or download Assess Values, Strengths for your Next Steps (PDF) and download Life Plan (PDF)​.

Preparing for College
Higher education expert Jacki Giordano Bedard '89 shared strategies to best prepare for college, what to consider in the college search process, the application process and why those test scores are important, even at a test optional school.  Download Preparing for College (pdf)

Elder Care Giving: Options, Challenges, and Resources
A panel of experts discussed various topics related to caring for aging loved ones.  Listen now or  Download the Elder Care Web Resources 4-2014 (pdf)

Re-entering the Workforce: Strategies for Success
Noted Career Coach Pamela Weinberg shares effective strategies for re-entering the workforce after an extended hiatus.  Listen now or  Download Re-entry Career Resource Handout (pdf) and Download Personal Mission Statement Template (pdf)
Winning at Real Estate: Information for First-Time Homebuyers
Home Buying – 10 Takeaways was prepared by Kertzman & Weil, Attorneys at Law, and Boston Mortgage Solutions, LLC. Download Home Buying – 10 Takeaways (pdf)

First-Time Homebuyer Seminar (Web Ex Recording)
In this seminar, you will learn what to expect and how to prepare for the consuming and sometimes confusing real estate buying process, including protecting yourself legally and understanding your financing options to save money. Listen now »

Does Work/Life Balance Exist?
How do we balance the job with all else? How do we excel at work and also be good friends, children, parents and spouses? What are the keys to balancing all that pulls us in so many directions at once? This event was held on Wednesday, March 13, 2013.

Demystifying the College Admission Process
Glossary of College Admissions Terms was compiled by Grant Gosselin, Former Vice President for Enrollment, Babson College. Download Glossary of Terms for the College Admission Process (pdf)

Demystifying the College Admission Process Seminar (Web Ex Recording)
This session addresses common myths about the college admission process, provides a road map for families to use during the college search, and provides an overview of the nuances of merit scholarships and need-based financial aid.  Listen now » or Download College Admission Seminar (pdf)

Do you have suggestions for future Life Stage events or resources? Please let us know.​​