Babson Alumni Association Committees

The Babson Alumni Association Board of Directors collaborates with various Babson departments and performs its work through several committees.

If you wish to support any committee or its initiatives, please contact the chairperson directly.

Executive Committee

This Committee meets on a regular basis to discuss broad issues affecting the Babson network, with particular focus on the alumni base. The Executive Committee is responsible for setting the tactical direction of the BAA.

Communications/Social Media Committee

Chaired by Jeni Wheeler M'05

Mission: Effective internal and external communnications

Board Members: Communications: Chrissy Toskos '99, Farrel Simpson '09 Social Media: Tiffany Lien '10, Thaddius Dziuba '06, Sean Sullivan '04

Staff Liaison: Lindsay Magoon

Governance/Trustees Committee

Chaired by Howard Brown '88

Mission: Manage operational, tactical, and functional aspects of the Babson Alumni Association and its relationship to the Trustees

Board Members: Gregory Santin '92 (Goverance), Jacki Bedard '89 (Volunteer Leadership Awards)

Staff Liaison: Anne Heller 

Finance and Audit Committee

Chaired by Mark Helman M'97

Mission: Provide financial oversight for all Alumni Association activities.

Staff Liaisons: Anne Heller, Christy Lagos, Christine Skill

Beta Challenge 2015

Chaired by Sharlene Soans '86

Mission: Take a lead role in planning, promoting and engaging alumni for participation in conjunction with the Blank Center for Entrepreneurship

Board Members: Jeni Wheeler M’05 (Campus Lead), Jeremy Hill ‘ 04, Dexter Williams M'98, Brett Adamczyk ‘05, Emily Mariani Consilvio ’01, Shuan Steingold M’08, Sean Sullivan ’04

Staff Liaison: Anne Heller, Antonette Ho

Outreach to Alumni

Chaired by Alexandra Piccirilli '94

Mission: Add real value by reaching out to alumni for calls to action. 1.) Invite alumni to Volunteer Leadership Awards Brunch 2.) Welcome accepted students in partnership with Admissions office

Board Members: Emily Consilvio ’01 (Chair Leadership Awards), Jenifer Putnam ‘05 (Chair Accepted Students), Cheryl Lavaux ’95 M’09, Thaddius Dzuiba ‘06

Staff Liaison: Anne Heller, Effie Marthinsen


Chaired by Mark Helman M'97

Mission: Help promote coaching to for more alumni participation

Board Members: Jeremy Hill ‘04, Jeni Wheeler M’05, Chrissy Toskos ’99, Farrel Simpson ‘09, Jonathan Glover ‘02​

​Staff Liaison: Gerri Randlett​

Coffee Talks

Chaired by Howard Brown '88

Mission: Outreach and engagement to alumni for Babson Conversations. In partnership with Development Office to gather data and participation campaign gift

​Board Members: Emily Consilvio ’01 (Coordinator)

​Staff Liaison: Anne Heller, Effie Marthinsen

Day of Service

Chaired by Jeni Wheeler M'05

Mission: Help with 3 assigned cities to plan, promote and execute in Chicago, Detroit and Philadelphia

​Board Members: All Board Directors initiative

​Staff Liaison: Anjali Wali

BAA Membership Benefits

Chaired by Mark Helman M'97

Mission:In-take and evaluation of 3rd party opportunities that can help the BAA and A&FN advance its missions 

​Board Members: Howard Brown’88, Jeremy Hill ’04, Gregory Santin '92, Brett Adamcyzk ‘05, Shaun Steingold M’08, Emily Mariani Consilvio ’01, Eric Roberge ‘02

​Staff Liaison: Anne Heller

Monthly Webinar Series

Chaired by Alexandra Piccirilli '94

Mission: Monthly online lunch and learn education series for BAA Directors, Associate Directors and Alumni Club Presidents

​Board Members: Leslie Simone ’96 (Chair), Dexter Williams M'98, Jonathan Glover ’02, Mike Reardon ‘93

​Staff Liaison: Effie Marthinsen, Anne Heller

What to Tell Grads/Self Publish Book 

Chaired by Howard Brown '88

Mission: Self Publish book and ebook as gift to graduating class of 2015 including MBA. Wise words from BAA, Directors, Faculty, Staff and Trustees

​Board Members: All Board Directors initiative

​Staff Liaison: Anne Heller

Babson Athletics Department 

Chaired by Marco Gargurevich M’01

Mission: Create and manage the partnership and relationship with the Athletics Department

​Board Members: Brett Adamcyzk ’05, Thaddius Dzuiba ‘06

​Staff Liaison: Josh MacArthur 

When We Meet

The BAA holds three meetings per year for the full Board of Directors. The meetings are held on campus, in conjunction with the Trustee meetings. The BAA also meets annually during Back to Babson (reunion and homecoming weekend) in the fall.​​​