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Special Interests


Alumni Affinity Events, Networks, & Groups

Babson College recognizes the rich opportunity that exists for alumni to reconnect with their alma mater, their faculty, staff members, fellow alumni, and current students; to this end, we support and encourage affinity events, networks, and groups. This document provides guidelines for affinity initiatives and outlines the type of support provided by the Babson Alumni & Friends Network. Please note you need not proceed through the steps in a sequential order, but all begin with affinity events.

Our affinity strategy is comprised of 3 steps:

Step1: Affinity Events

  • This is the first step in forming an affinity network or group. By hosting 1 – 3 events over a period of time (typically a year), we have the opportunity to partner with you to assess alumni interest in forming a network or group, gauge interest from current student group (if applicable) and to work with you to identify potential alumni volunteer leaders to drive affinity groups and their programming efforts.
  • The Babson Alumni & Friends Network staff assist with planning as well as logistical and event coordination. We rely on affinity alumni to help publicize the event(s).

Step 2: Affinity Networks

To form a network, you must have a history of affinity events.

  • Once momentum is built through affinity events, the next category of affinity is to create a virtual platform (e.g. Babson-supported listservs, LinkedIn Subgroups, Facebook pages) for alumni with the specific affinity to connect. Creating an affinity network provides an opportunity to further assess interest and commitment level for an affinity group.
  • The Babson Alumni & Friends Network staff manage the set-up and share administration authorization with affinity alumni volunteers. The affinity alumni volunteers are responsible for their own communications and the staff provides links to relevant event and other related lifelong learning programs that may be applicable to the network.

Step 3: Affinity Groups

To form a group, you must have a history of affinity events and a current network.

  • After at least a year of affinity events and an established network, affinity groups may form. Groups are teams of alumni volunteers who work cooperatively to plan and host events for community members with a common interest.
  • Groups are self-sustaining and have a defined alumni leadership structure.
  • As part of their activities, groups strive to provide mentoring opportunities for students.

Get Started

If you are interested in creating an alumni affinity event, network, or group, please contact the Babson Alumni & Friends Network at to get started.