Campus Contacts

Public Safetyext. 5555Emergency responses, medical (24 hours/day) concerns, safety issues
Health Servicesext. 4257Medical concerns, personal health
Wellness Centerext. 5200Personal counseling and support, sexual assault response and prevention services, alcohol and drug education and prevention services
Community Standardsext. 4218Student rights and responsibilities, conduct process/legal concern, personal advising
Student Affairsext. 4438Residence hall issues, conduct process, personal advising
Office of Academic Servicesext. 4075Undergraduate student personal and academic advising
Graduate Student Programsext. 4474Graduate student personal and academic advising
Learning Centerext. 5567Personal and academic advising, specialized student services
Glavin Family Chapelext. 5623Personal and spiritual support and reflection
Human Resourcesext. 4128Employee support, referral to Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Glavin Office for Multicultural and International Educationext. 4565International and multicultural student services and support, study abroad inquiries

Building Evacuation Plans

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