Strategic Planning and Management in Retailing Does Cases!

The Strategic Planning and Management in Retailing Program faculty have always relied heavily on cases to illustrate the models we use in the program and to give participants an opportunity to apply them.

Cases also allow us to present examples from many retail sectors. Increasingly, we have come to write and produce our case materials for both the open enrollment program and custom versions of it. Many of these cases may be of interest to our readers.

This newsletter features one of our most recent cases: Walgreens: Strategic Evolution (pdf). This case is organized around the evolution of Walgreens’ strategy beginning at the turn of the last century. Walgreens is America’s largest drugstore chain. By 2012, the company faced a number of major strategic questions, including international expansion and a changing health care environment.

In addition to the Walgreens case, we have several other recently written cases that can be ordered. To order any of these cases, please contact me at

Improving the Customer Experience at Home Depot (authored by Ron Hess), 2012, 21 pp., W&M-M-174

Zara v H&M: Fashion Wars (authored by Guillermo D’Andrea and Larry Ring), 2012, 34 pp., W&M-M-179.

Best Buy 2006–2012: From Customer Centricity to the “Connected World” to??? (authored by John Strong), 2012, 10 pp., W&M-M-178.

T.J. Maxx (authored by Larry Ring, Ron Hess, Sonika Patel, and Amruta Kanitkar), 2011, 24 pp., W&M-M-172.

Nordstrom 2005–2012 (authored by John Strong), 2012, 4 pp., W&M-M-177.

Whole Foods Market in 2011 (authored by Larry Ring and Vidula Shinde), 2012, 38 pp., W&M-M-176.

Target Stores 2010–Present: An Unexpected Change of Events (authored by Ron Hess and Sonika Patel), 2011, 6 pp., W&M-M-175.

Improving the Customer Experience at Home Depot (authored by Ron Hess), 2011, 24 pp., W&M-M-174. in 2010 (authored by Larry Ring and Matthew Nathan), 2011, 34 pp., W&M-M-173.

Lowe’s Stores in 2010 (authored by Larry Ring, Ron Hess, and Amruta Kanitkar), 2010, 28 pp, W&M-M-170.

Target Stores 2006–2009: Fall From Grace or Slight Misstep? (authored by Ron Hess), 2009, 16 pp., W&M-M-169.

Starbucks (B): Period of Poor Strategic Decisions (authored by Ron Hess), 2009, 4 pp., W&M-M-168.

Hennes and Mauritz (authored by Larry Ring and Rachel Hutson), 2009, 21 pp, W&M-M-167.

Zara in 2007 (authored by Larry Ring and Elizabeth Galloway), 2008, 21 pp., W&M-M-164.

Target Stores in 2006 (authored by Larry Ring, Gregory Higgins, and Xiaobing Nie), 2007, 30 pp., W&M-M-159.

Best Buy 1996–2005 (authored by John S. Strong), 2005, 9 pp., W&M-M-158.

The Gap, 1999–2002 (authored by Larry Ring), 2005, 9 pp., W&M-M-156.

The Home Depot, 2000–2005 (authored by Larry Ring, John Strong, and Yelena Shekhovtsova), 2005, 26 pp., W&M-M-154.