2013 Founder's Day Business Fair Participants

For auto parts manufacturers and service providers who are seeking a more effective advertisement channel, 1Pitstop provides better leads than ad keywords and traditional forums.

AR Shade Shack
AR Shade Shack provides custom wayfarer sunglasses. This fun, unique product is perfect for organizations, institutions, and events.

Atomic Tower (@atomictower)
Atomic Tower has developed next generation reporting and analytical software for the cloud. We energize cloud offerings by providing the advanced solutions that their users demand. Our simple interface securely connects with cloud-based and on-premise databases and enables end-users to easily generate reports and make better decisions from their data.

Babson College Radio (@Babsonradio)
As a student organization, Babson College Radio operates Babson's radio station as a business. By applying our lessons from the classroom to Babson College Radio, we provide a type of community entrepreneurship to the campus.

Babson Marketplace (@baboMarketplace)
Babson Marketplace is an online store where various FME companies list their products for sale. The homepage will have the names and logos of different FME businesses and link to their respective personalized online stores created by us, as well as various advertisements and information/events that relate to the Babson Community.

Bands with Benefits (@BandswBenefits)
Bands with Benefits currently sells wristbands with the company name engraved on the band. For every wristband sold, Bands with Benefits donates a winter care package to a child in need. All of the profits generated are donated to Cradles to Crayons.

BedShelf (@BedShelf1)
BedShelf is a product-based company that is providing college students with an option to keep their essentials next to them while they sleep. The BedShelf attaches to practically any college dorm bedpost and is perfect for keeping pens, highlighters, books, glasses, water, phones and any other necessities next to you while you sleep.

Bites n'Shakes
This restaurant offers limited, signature menu items. No company of its kind currently exists.

Brooklyn Boulders (@bkboulders
Home of New York City’s rock-climbing community, Brooklyn Boulders is equal parts of world-class training destination for climbers and Brooklyn lifestyle cultural melting pot. BKB entertains families, couples, team-building groups, and partygoers; then transforms them into successful, enlightened climbing enthusiasts (sometimes within their first visit). Now expanding to Boston, Queens, and other cities nationwide.

Buzz Builders Marketing (@buzzbuilders1)
Buzz Builders Marketing helps businesses succeed and grow by attracting new customers and developing a community of loyal customers.

The Chicken and Rice Guys (@cnrg_boston)
The Chicken and Rice Guys are Boston-based food trucks serving Halal-style chicken and rice.

Connell & Curley Insurance Agency Inc (@connellcurley)
Connell & Curley Insurance Agency Inc. has helped thousands of customers in the Greater Boston area find homeowner insurance, small business insurance and auto insurance in Massachusetts for more than 40 years.

Cözi is dedicated to providing reusable and customized cup sleeves to the Babson community.

Creatify Me (@creatifyme)
Creatify Me’s new custom case and design inserts give you the control to decide what is cool. For just $10, you get a case and two fully customizable inserts with your pictures that are completely interchangeable and reusable.

Dart Industrial 
Dart Industrial supplies high-quality, low-cost hardwood flooring staples and finishing nails that are used to fasten wood planks to the underlayment on the ground during flooring installation.

DashaBella (@DashaBellalips)
DashaBella is a lip balm promotional company that target's women-owned businesses and organizations to assist them in growing their company brand.

Dashion: Fashion in a – dash. Dashion anticipates selling small outfits on the Internet (typically a shirt and pants) so customers can save money, time, build upon their wardrobe, and maximize convenience.

Des Reve
Des Reve is an online clothing retailer that delivers clothing that has the customized designs the customer creates, while also being custom fitted. Des Reve seeks to break the existing structure of the clothing market, where the designer chooses the design, and customers select from the designs and pick out a pre-tailored size. Des Reve believes that customers should take part in designing the clothes they want to wear, with a size that is not set by the clothing company.

Design by Educators, Inc. (@isaacdvanwesep)
Design by Educators Inc. makes Quick Key, the smartphone app that turns a phone into an optical scanner to grade quizzes, homework, and other assessments. Teachers buy Quick Key through their app store, for $4.99 a month; schools and districts can implement an enterprise version for system-wide management of the software.

Doodle Factory
Doodle Factory brings children’s imaginations to life by transforming their drawings into real pillows.

Esmeralda Lambert LLC (@EsmeraldaLLC)
Esmeralda Lambert is an e-commerce retailer that offers artisan hand-crafted jewelry and accessories with playful and elegant fashion, and bridal designs for the growing international tastes of women in the U.S. We do this via collaboration with entrepreneurial women designers in the Dominican Republic to create distinctive collections with a hint of spice from Latin and Caribbean influences.

Fresh Bites (@EatLearnSustain)
The mission of Fresh Bites is to educate not only the Babson community but the world on how to live a sustainable lifestyle, especially in the kitchen. How one eats not only affects themselves but their environment as well. In the Babson and Wellesley community, Fresh Bites will sell sustainable chocolate.

Game Day Men’s Products (@gamedaymens)
Game Day is a line of high-end skincare and shaving products designed for the active man who seeks the best in anti-aging and skin health. Game Day exclusively uses alpine willowherb extract and pear cactus extract to protect, heal, and strengthen skin.

Global Strategic Investment Corporation
Global Strategic Investment Corporation is a real estate investment entity that has been investing in low-cost buildings in Western Massachusetts for more than eight years, during which company value increased while remaining relatively revenue neutral. Global Strategic currently is conducting market research, creating financial projections, and pursuing external funding from venture capitalists and angel investors in order to invest in college-friendly, dorm-style housing.

Jossle (@JossleGear)
Jossle aims to revolutionize and enhance the college experience by providing students with the opportunity to get free gear, earn rewards, and attend campus-wide events. Jossle strategically turns college students into walking billboards while serving their best interest and improving college life.

MediaCare Solution (@StephenShinnick)
MediaCare Solutions is dedicated to finding nonpharmaceutical interventions for the treatment of agitation in patients suffering from diseases such as autism, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease. By providing clinical researched and tested rich media therapies, MediaCare works with medical care providers to reduce the overall delivery of sedative medications to those not in need of pharmaceutical intervention in order to both preserve and improve the quality of life in our aging global population.

Meevsu.com (@meevsu)
Meevsu believes if we could significantly improve the critical thinking in each individual by having open and healthy discussions about our differences that we could change to a more knowledgeable, open, and less judgmental society. Meevsu provides an innovative online video debate platform that gives you the opportunity to express your point of view, challenge topics and individuals, and decide what makes sense.

MixItMug (@MixItMug)
The MixItMug is a self-stirring mug which mixes your beverage with the press of a button. Instantly mix your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate with milk and sugar, or make a quick protein shake.

Moodsnap (@moodsnapfm)
Through "Image-Based Music Discovery", Moodsnap seamlessly connects Spotify users to music that matches their taste in any situation.

MyImpax (@myimpax)
MyImpax promotes the socially responsible programs of companies through the use of digital cards that are shared through social media. Every time a card is shared, 25 cents is donated to charity, and the user who shared the card receives a reward from the company whose efforts are being marketed.

My Teen Hangout
My Teen Hangout provides the perfect safe place for teens to chill and party without worrying parents. Inside is a sleek modern lounge, dance floor, and full soda bar.

NoProb Software (@NoProbSoftware)
NoProb Software simplifies software all the way from installation to the end user experience. NoProb designs various products in a way that makes it so anyone with basic computer knowledge can utilize their functionality to the fullest.

OnHand (OnHand)
OnHand designs and distributes tech accessories for students of the mobile generation.

OneCase (@onecase1)
OneCase is an FME business, raising money to support the Massachusetts branch of the Special Olympics. The goal of OneCase is to offer consumers a convenient, safe, and secure way to protect and carry daily necessities such keys, cards, and money within one’s iPhone case.

Performance Fireflies
Performance Fireflies is bringing high-performance pants to high-performance kids and parents. The company’s mission is to provide pants with superior performance and comfort for your children that fit their active lifestyle and enable their boundless exploration while saving you the hassles of shopping and dealing with short-lived, ill-fitting limited options.

re:covers LLC (@MyRecovers)
Re:covers designs and manufactures orthopedic gear to improve the quality of life for patients during their recovery process. The covers, made for walking boots, casts and braces, protect the wound site, address the most common complaints associated with wearing an orthopedic device, and enable patients to add a touch of individuality to an otherwise frustrating situation.

ReDesIgn focuses on providing ergonomic and intuitive product innovations to underdeveloped sectors in the home and garden consumer goods industry. ReDesIgn’s pilot product is the ReDI glove, a hybrid of the sponge, scourer, brush, nonscratch scrubber, and rubber glove designed to be both versatile and affordable.

Stickah (@Stickuh)
Stickah is a small gel-like sticker that attaches to the back or front of an electronic device. The front side of the Stickah is made of a material that can clean any electrical screen.

TaelyrMade for You
TaelyrMade for You is an expanding jewelry company that began in 2009 as a hobby, and grew from there. The company creates custom and customizable jewelry for people from all walks of life. TaelyrMade for You caters to a vast market with prices ranging from $10 to $100, and is truly a one-stop shop for accessorizing a person’s life.

Terravia provides an online dual platform consisting of two main portals: one for the complete customization of travel to the user’s interests, and the other for the integration of user reviews, guides, itineraries, and media in order to provide structured travel-related knowledge to the community of users.

Thirty-One sells purses, bags, and totes for any occasion. Thirty-One has packages set up for men to buy for their wives, bridesmaids’ packages, and everything you need in your everyday life.

Vicarious is an online platform that provides virtual real time online video campus tours for college students helping admissions.

VoteUsUp.com will be providing entrepreneurs with funding opportunities through an exciting, easy-to-play contest based purely on popularity. Contestants also will receive constructive criticism and suggestions from the public throughout the contest, as well as the opportunity to win resources and gain other potential investments. VoteUsUp.com presents an opportunity for sponsors to gain recognition through an attractive, perhaps even addictive, platform engaging in entrepreneurial competition.

Worcester Chamber Music Society (@Worchambmusic)
The Worcester Chamber Music Society (WCMS) is a nonprofit musical arts organization, serving the people of Central Massachusetts. Worcester Chamber’s mix of offerings is designed to bring classical chamber music to a wide variety of customers in the community, and add value to the cultural and economic fabric of Worcester County through a unique combination of affordable concerts, education, and community engagement initiatives.

Zingfin (@zingfintech)
Zingfin provides a big picture of world’s financial markets through statistical tools that help ETF investors visually understand patterns and trends.