Detail Officer Request

This form must be completed in full for all requests for a Babson Police detail officer.

  • Your request must be received TEN days prior to your scheduled event.
  • Completion of this form does not guarantee that your request has been filled. 
  • The number of Officers per detail will be determined by the Department of Public Safety based on the type and size of the event.
  • The rate per Officer is $44 per hour, 4 hour minimum. A detail that exceeds 4 hours is then billed by the hour, rounded up to the next hour. 
  • Any detail canceled 4 hours or less from start time will be billed a 4 hour minimum 

Please be advised Massachusetts State Law requires a designated person to be certified and act as a Crowd Control Manager for any event that has the following:

1.  With an occupant load of 100 persons or more

*Occupant loads of 500 persons or more will require a Fire Detail

2.    And who are a:

"nightclub, dance, hall, discotheque or bar" or who feature entertainment by a live band or recorded music generating above normal sound levels and have a specific area designated for dancing must have trained Crowd Managers in the licensed premises at all times that they are open to patrons.

This means if your event qualifies as outlined above than an additional detail request must be made specifying the duty of a Crowd Control Manager.  ​​