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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get a new campus box every year?

No. Your campus box number will not change while you are enrolled at Babson.

I'm an incoming Freshman.  When will my campus box be assigned?

Usually on July 31.  You will receive an email with it and lots of information about it.

Is my campus box a P.O. Box?

No. It is a campus box. It’s totally different.  Make sure you don't use the term PO Box.  If ordering from a company that uses address verification software, tell them to override their settings, even if you have to call them.  Insist that it's not a PO Box.

So what if it says P.O. Box?

UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc. will NOT deliver to Post Office Boxes. Those carriers DO deliver to our campus boxes. So it is important to make the proper distinction.

So, how should I have my mail addressed?

All mail, packages, and special deliveries must be addressed as follows:


Campus Box # _____
Babson College
Babson Park, MA 02457-0420

What if I don’t feel like having it addressed like that?

You may not receive your mail if it is not addressed like that. Sometimes, if by accident, information is missing on a mail item, we will look it up in our database and correct it, and deliver it to your box. However, sometimes it won’t even reach us if the ZIP is wrong, if it’s addressed to your dorm, or if it’s missing some information. At the very least, it will be delayed.

How long can I wait to pick up my package?

We will keep the package here for 2 weeks before it is returned to sender. Perishable packages will only stay for 3 days, for health reasons, before discarded. So please don't delay!

Can I send cash through the mail? What about through intercampus mail?

You might as well ask if everyone in the world is honest. We can’t be responsible for any problems with cash being sent in any kind of mail. It’s just a bad idea.

What should I do if I need something sent to me that is very important?

First, make sure you heed the above address format. Second, you should use a method that uses a tracking number, such as UPS, FedEx, USPS Express Mail or Certified, etc. All such packages not only can be tracked by the carrier’s website, but we log them in internally and keep track of it and collect your signature when it finally reaches you.

Is it OK to share my campus box combination with a friend?

No. Not a good idea. If something is missing, you wouldn’t want to blame your friend and ruin your friendship, would you? If you need something picked up by a friend, email and authorize your friend to pick it up. We’ll give it to them.

I’m graduating. What happens to all my mail that I might still receive?

You need to set up a forwarding address on the Portal. We will forward your mail for six months after you leave the College (or if you’re abroad or on leave, we will forward until your return). On the Portal, at the top of the screen under My Info, click View My Profile. In the box on the left under Edit My Info, click on Mail Forwarding Address. Make sure to provide a domestic address and put in the effective dates (within 6 months of each other).

What if my box is not working? Can I punch it until it works?

Do not damage or remove any parts from your campus box. If your box is not working, notify a member of the Student Mailroom staff. You may be fined for damage to your box.