We can receive mail addressed properly. We'll put your mail right in your own unique campus box.

Package Receving

We can receive any package from any carrier (USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, florists, airport luggage, you name it). If it won't fit in your box, we'll put a package slip in your box. Just bring the slip to the counter, and we'll get your package for you. Make sure you have your OneCard for ID. All packages are delivered by 1:30 PM daily.


We can ship out anything (almost) via USPS, UPS, or FedEx. We will look up and determine the best method based on your needs of time and cost. You need to pay with your OneCard (Babson Bucks only). Packages will go out same day if processed by 3:30 PM.


We now offer both incoming and outgoing services. As always, to receive a fax, have someone fax it to (781) 239-4460. Make sure your last name and box # are on it, and we'll put it in your campus box.

We now offer outgoing fax service. Bring your pages here, and we'll fax out to any domestic number, and charge your OneCard $0.10 per page. We can even provide cover pages.

Mail Forwarding

When a student graduates, withdraws, goes on study abroad, leave of absence, or in any way leaves the College, we can forward mail to a domestic address for up to six months. Just make sure your forwarding address is up-to-date on the Portal. We also offer forwarding over the Summer, but NOT during Winter Break.

To update your forwarding address on the Portal, under My Info, click on View My Profile, then in the box on the left, click Mail Forwarding Address.

Mass Mailing

We can deliver unaddressed mass mailings (flyers, cards, etc.) to students' campus boxes. We can separate by UG or MBA, or by class level. Mass mailings need to be approved by the Manager. Please contact 781-239-4298 for approval request before producing your mailing.