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Learning and  Development

Continuous Learning is one of Babson's six core competencies, so we place great importance on the ongoing development of our employees. The College's continuous learning objective is to provide opportunities that enhance near-term job performance, employee engagement, and achievement of career goals; and the Organizational Learning and Development department provides a variety of services to promote employees' personal and professional growth. Employees and supervisors are encouraged to take an active role in identifying and pursuing opportunities on and off campus to sustain continued learning.

In addition to offering a variety of skills training workshops for employees at all levels, Babson also highlights its commitment to continuous learning through our semi-annual Community Learning Day which represents a unique design and approach to workplace learning by giving all Babson College faculty and staff the opportunity to invest in professional and personal development and connect, grow, and give back to the community.

Continuous Learninggenerally refers to workshops or seminars offered to teach specific skills or knowledge, or opportunities that allow employees to develop personally.

Organizational Developmentrefers to a systematic approach to improving individual, group and/or organizational effectiveness.

For a listing of continuous learning opportunities, visit the Babson Calendar.