Creative Support Request

For small, basic updates to existing marketing collateral, please submit a Creative Support Request below. Small updates often include just date, name, or stat changes. For the creation of a new marketing piece or larger redesign of an existing piece, please contact your marketing account manager to discuss the request in greater detail. While we will initially discuss all projects with you, we are able to accept only projects that align with our primary objective of promoting and extending Babson’s brand.

The typical timeframes below are estimates for support-type requests only and may take less or more time depending on the current project queue. Large projects such as the creation of a new marketing piece or the redesign of an existing piece have different production timelines. Also, the allotted print time depends on production method. Printing a smaller quantity or less complex project at Canon Copy Center can take 1–2 days, while printing a larger quantity or more complex project at an outside offset printer can take 2–4 weeks.

Copy editing3–5 business days
Flyer/datasheet10–15 business days
Invitation10–15 business days
Letterhead5–10 business days
Postcard10–15 business days
Poster/banner10–15 business days

 Support Request Form

Please Note: For best results, complete the Creative Support Request form using any browser other than Microsoft Internet Explorer.