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​​​​​​How To Submit a Request

There are three ways to consult with College Marketing regarding a marketing question or an issue related to a project you are working on:

  1. ​Submit a digital support request using the form on this page for general website bugs, content formatting fixes, new user permissions, and short URLs.
  2. Submit a creative support request​​ for small, basic updates (such as dates, names, or statistics) to existing print or electronic marketing collateral.
  3. Contact your marketing manager from the list below to discuss your marketing request in greater detail. Marketing will review the project details (including objective, audience, etc.) with you and confirm if the project aligns with our primary objective of promoting and extending Babson’s brand. If the project will be executed by the College Marketing team, it will be managed through our online project management tool, JIRA. JIRA offers full transparency on the status and scope of projects under way. On the JIRA website, you can communicate with production staff in real time, view deliverables as soon as they are ready for your feedback, and confirm when you are expected to receive the final product, e.g. printouts, published webpages, etc. If the project will not be executed by College Marketing, we can provide contact information for outside resources that are familiar with our brand guidelines and can provide a cost estimate to approve and pursue directly.

Find Your Marketing Manager

Executive Education

Jordan Blossom, Executive Education Marketing Coordinator

Kristen Johnson, Managing Director, Executive Education Marketing

Graduate Admissions

Stephanie Gordon, Senior Manager Admission Communications

Undergraduate Admission

Tonia Hamilton, Senior Manager, Strategic Initiatives


Lindsay Magoon, Associate Director, Advancement ​Communications

Student Experience

Lindsey Cunningham, Manager, Student Experience Communications

Scott Dietz, Associate Athletic Director, Strategic Communications

Institutional Communications

Faculty, President’s Office
Elizabeth Atwater, Senior Manager, Communications

Can’t find your marketing manager?

Contact James Regal, and he will direct you to the correct person.

Ready to submit a Jira marketing request?

Submit your project details at​​​​​

Digital Support Request

For general website bugs, content formatting fixes, new user permissions, and short URLs, please submit a Digital Support Request below.

Please Note: For best results, complete the JIRA request form using any browser other than Microsoft Internet Explorer.

The typical timeframes below are estimates and support requests may take less or more time depending on the current digital marketing support and project queue. Current content managers can also view our documentation website for more information.

  • Formatting or Style Issue
    3-5 business days
  • New User Permissions: Blog or Website
    3-5 business days
  • Social Media Event Promotion
    1-2 weeks
  • Vanity, Short URL
    2-3 business days
  • Website Bug (critical)
    1-2 business days
  • Website Bug (noncritical)
    7-10 business days
  • Website Content Update
    7-10 business days