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Student (Undergraduate/Graduate) Parking Permits for 2014-2015 are now available at Public Safety. Be sure to apply online.
Please be advised that drivers who maintain a motor vehicle on campus for more than three days during the academic year are required to obtain and display a current parking decal, which can be obtained  online (see apply online for a parking decal link below). Please encourage your guests who visit the campus to obtain a visitor pass at the Office of Public Safety and to adhere to these regulations. Please see the Traffic and Parking Regulations document below to reference where you may park on campus.
Parking decals issued during the past academic year will expire on August 31st. All students who drive a motor vehicle on campus are required to obtain a parking decal including both resident and commuter students. The one time user fee for this academic year remains at $75.00 for resident students and $50.00 for commuter students. This fee is charged to student accounts.
Additionally, any student driving a vehicle displaying out of state registration plates must obtain a nonresident decal as required by the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. This decal can be obtained at no cost by filling out the Nonresident Student Vehicle Information Form available at the Office of Public Safety. Due to the fact that this form is generated by the Registry of Motor Vehicles, it is not available on the Public Safety website.

Apply online for a parking decal  (click here)

Medical Parking Pass Application (click here)

*Parking decals can be picked up 24 hours after the online application has been filled out. Please be sure to bring your receipt.
Please review the complete Traffic and Parking Regulations​ for 2014-2015.

September 2013 Changes in the Traffic and Parking Rules and Regulations

Babson College Motor Vehicle Search Policy
The College reserves the right to request to search a vehicle registered with Public Safety when the following conditions, as similar to those outlined in the Student Handbook related to room searches apply:
  • To uphold community standards (including student conduct other college policies);
  • In cases of emergency, as determined by College staff;
  • If a directive is issued by the dean of student affairs or designee, after sufficient information is presented to give rise to a belief that a search will disclose a violation of College policy or state or federal law that has, is, or will take place; or that a danger to the health or safety of the car owner(s) or other members of the Babson College community exists; and/or in furtherance of law enforcement activities.
The results of searches may lead to a referral to the student conduct process and/or criminal prosecution. If the request for a search is denied, the College reserves the right to revoke the student’s parking permit and/or privileges.

College Parking Map