Class Days Required

Full Semesters (Fall and Spring)

2 credits1 evening 6 (plus final) additional 8 hours required180 mins/mtg1560 mins/term
3 credits1 meeting/week 13 (plus final)150 mins/mtg1950 mins/term
3 credits2 days/week (i.e. M/W, T/R)26 (plus final)75 mins/mtg1950 mins/term
3 credits3 days/week (i.e. M W F)38 plus 50 mins (plus final)50 mins/mtg1950 mins/term
4 credits 1 evening13 (plus final)190 mins/mtg2470 mins/term
4 credits2 days/week (i.e. M/W, T/R)26 (plus final)95 mins/mtg2470 mins/term
4 credits3 days/week (i.e. M W F)38 (plus final)65 mins/mtg2470 mins/term
5 credits1 evening13 (plus final) additional 12 hours required180 mins/mtg3060 mins/term

Half Semesters

1.5 credits1 day/week 6 (plus final)165 mins/mtg990 mins/term
​2 credits2 day/week​​13 (plus final)​95 mins/mtg​1330 mins/term

Summer Semesters

3 credits2 day/week 13 (plus final)150 mins/mtg1950 mins/term
3 credits4 day/week 26 (plus final)75 mins/mtg1950 mins/term
4 credits4 day/week 26 (plus final)95 mins/mtg2470 mins/term

Winter Semesters

2 credits5 day/week 10 (plus final)120 mins/mtg1200 mins/term


Please Note: Monday day classes meeting once a week will meet on the Monday holidays unless the professor schedules a make up.

Two Credit Undergraduate half-semester classes that meet twice a week need to meet 13 meetings plus a final. It is your decision how you want to handle the final, whether in class or a take home assignment. To ensure for accreditation we have 13 meetings plus the final we suggest you use the last Friday of the session if needed. Please work with your class to ensure this make up day works and they don’t have a conflict with another class. We provide it as a guideline but you have the flexibility to change it if needed.