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Final Exams

Graduate Students 

Fall 2014 Graduate Final Exam Schedule

Last Updated: October 10, 2014

Final exams for first session courses, courses with special start and end dates, and courses that are specific to some programs are typically scheduled by the professor.

A final exam conflict occurs if two exams are scheduled at the same time or if a student has more than six hours of exams scheduled on the same day. A student who has a final exam conflict must complete the Final Exam Conflict Form and return it to Registrar's Office.

In order for alternate arrangements to be made, a Final Exam Conflict Form must be submitted by Friday, December 5th.

A student may be excused from a final exam in cases where there are extenuating circumstances. Permission to miss a final exam must be obtained from the Graduate Programs office prior to the exam date and time. Extenuating circumstances include, but are not limited to: serious illness supported by doctor’s certification, death in the immediate family, or observance of a religious holiday. The following are NOT considered extenuating circumstances: oversleeping, travel (business travel confirmed in writing in advance is acceptable for part-time students), disabled vehicles, or misunderstanding the schedule.