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Final Exams

Graduate Students 

The Fall 2014 final exam schedule will be posted the week of October 20th. We highly recommend that you do not make end of the semester travel arrangements until you have reviewed the final exam schedule.

Final exams for first session courses, courses with special start and end dates, and courses that are specific to some programs are typically scheduled by the professor.

A final exam conflict occurs if two exams are scheduled at the same time or if a student has more than six hours of exams scheduled on the same day. A student who has a final exam conflict must complete the Final Exam Conflict Form and return it to Registrar's Office.

In order for alternate arrangements to be made, a Final Exam Conflict Form must be submitted by Friday, December 5th.

A student may be excused from a final exam in cases where there are extenuating circumstances. Permission to miss a final exam must be obtained from the Graduate Programs and Student Affairs office prior to the exam date and time. Extenuating circumstances include, but are not limited to: serious illness supported by doctor’s certification, death in the immediate family, or observance of a religious holiday. The following are NOT considered extenuating circumstances: oversleeping, travel (business travel confirmed in writing in advance is acceptable for part-time students), disabled vehicles, or misunderstanding the schedule.