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Undergraduate Course Registration


The semester course offerings and information can be accessed through the course listing. Click the blue course title for further details, including the course description. 

Registration Process and Policies

Most students register for courses through online registration. The link to online registration is located under the Academic Resources section of the Babson Hub. Students should refer to the registration directions for more information. Students will not be able to register for any courses when registration is closed. Please see the appropriate registration timeline for more information.

Summer and Fall 2014 Undergraduate Registration Timeline

Spring 2014 Undergraduate Registration Timeline

Registration information and dates to access the online registration application are emailed to all applicable, active undergraduate students. Students who have a hold on their account will not be able to register and should contact the appropriate office.

Registration Hold Information

The Registrar’s Office will manually register students into courses that require special permission. Students who receive a prerequisite waiver for a course need to have the professor of the course email the Registrar's Office to confirm. The College does not maintain waitlists for courses.  If a course is full, students are advised to monitor enrollment in the course.

Overall registration groups are assigned based on progress toward graduation and computed on overall credits (earned credits plus enrolled credits). These include AP, IB, transfer, and advanced standing credits. Students who are closer to graduation based on these overall credits will register earlier. Within each registration group, students are further divided based on last name, and the order for each subgroup to register is randomly assigned for one semester and then rotates for each subsequent semester. Registration groups and corresponding registration dates are also posted in the semester timelines.

Add/Drop and Withdrawal

Add/drop changes can be made through online registration, in accordance with registration and add/drop dates.

Students may withdraw from courses after the drop deadline, but before the withdrawal deadline. Students should meet with their class dean in Academic Services to withdraw from courses. Students will receive a final grade of “W” for withdrawing from a course. Students who do not officially withdraw will receive a final grade for each applicable course and will be responsible for all applicable tuition and fees.

Please consult the academic calendar and appropriate semester registration timeline for specific dates. Adding, dropping, or withdrawing from courses could affect financial aid and/or immigration status. 

Course Load

Students are expected to maintain a full course load of 15–17 credits each semester as defined in the Tuition Policies section of the undergraduate student handbook. The minimum number of credits required for full-time status is 12 credits.

It may be appropriate for students to deviate from a full course load due to extenuating circumstances. Students will be allowed to enroll in a fifth course, on a space available basis and with no additional charge, for those semesters in which a standard progression through the curriculum would require only four courses. Limitations will apply to first-year students, who will not be permitted to enroll in a space-available fifth course in their first semester, and who will need to achieve a 2.7 or better GPA at the end of their first semester in order to enroll in a space-available fifth course for their second semester. After the first-year, students will simply need to be in good academic standing in order to qualify.