Social Media Ambassadors

The Social Media Ambassadors provide key insights into life at Babson and tell true Babson stories—appreciated by the entire community.

Social Media Ambassadors are connected, involved current students who are leaders in our community, convey a wealth of accurate knowledge about Babson, span a wide variety of academic focuses and cocurricular interests, and are passionate about social media.

These students are the “online tour guides” for both the undergraduate and graduate schools and fill a crucial institutional need: as more and more prospective students and families are developing their perspectives on an institution based on digital content, we must ensure that the student voice is heard and our Babson brand is monitored. The audience for this produced content goes beyond prospective students and families and includes current students/staff/faculty, alumni, recruiters, and friends of Babson.

All Social Media Ambassadors must be active advocates for the institution through both personal and college-branded social media accounts. Ambassadors must act professionally, keeping in mind that they are representatives of the College (e.g. appropriate language, pictures, videos, etc.). Ambassadors are required to abide by Babson policies as outlined in the Babson Social Media Policy and Undergraduate and Graduate Student Handbooks. We reserve the right to replace any students who are unable to comply.

Key Responsibilities

  • Ideal candidate maintains a personal presence on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn and should be comfortable responding to inquiries, questions, and discussions as directed by Digital Content Manager (i.e. hashtags, branded pages, incoming student groups).
  • Required to blog monthly on Blogs must be authentic and focus on the student experience.
  • Contribute to the Babson accounts on the following platforms:
    • SocialToaster
    • Blogs
    • YouTube
    • Flickr
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • Other college-sponsored platforms or channels as deemed appropriate
  • Required to attend a one-on-one meeting with Digital Content Manager once a month.
  • Encouraged to create a video and/or photo album once a semester. Assets may be created individually or in teams.


  • Compensation: Bi-weekly, hourly pay.
  • Professional Development:
    • Resume-building experience that can be shared with employers.
    • Opportunity to establish and/or further develop online personal brand.
    • Recommendation letter upon request.
    • Exposure to social media brand strategy and new platforms through practice and training.
  • Empowerment:
    • Be a voice of the College and drive engagement amongst online audiences.
    • Influence a prospective student’s decision to apply and attend Babson.

Application Requirements

  1. Why do you want to be a Babson Social Media Ambassador (140 characters or less using #BabsonSMA).
  2. Sample blog post (500 words or less).
  3. Verify that you have following accounts:
    1. Twitter
    2. LinkedIn
    3. Facebook
  4. Personal Information:
    1. Program
    2. Expected Year of Graduation
    3. Phone
    4. Email

Please submit your application materials to:

Babson Social Media Ambassador Application (PDF)

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