Student Life

Babson is a living/learning laboratory in which entrepreneurship is infused throughout our curricular and cocurricular offerings.

This means that student life is not just what you can do outside the classroom, it’s how the 154 hours per week you’re not in the classroom can help to make you the entrepreneur you want to be.

With our student-centered, action-learning model, the Babson experience is a seamless blend of theory and practice, solitary reflection and group activities, leadership and fellowship, and the freedom to make your own way, according to your particular goals, interests, and tastes.

Maybe you hadn’t thought that music and dance, sports and fitness, and clubs based on recreational interests or cultural backgrounds are part of the educational experience. But, being entrepreneurial means living entrepreneurially, and that’s life at Babson: fun, eclectic, and innovative.

Biz E. in Babson Green Car​​​
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Over 1,000 students participate in athletics and recreation programs.