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Prizes and Scholarships

Be recognized for your passion for the arts through these prizes and opportunities.

Creative Arts Award | Martin Luther King Jr. Creativity Contest
Martin Luther King Jr. Speech Contest | Rick and Sandy Sorenson Arts Scholarship

Creative Arts Award

Presented to a Graduating Senior(s) at the Spring Awards Ceremony
The Creative Arts Award is given annually to a graduating senior who, during his or her years at Babson, has demonstrated significant contributions to the arts on campus. The recipient is nominated by faculty, staff, and peers and must have impacted the community through his or her dedication to the arts.​

Past Recipients

Mo Yang, Class of 2014
Amanda Greenslet, Class of 2012

Suopeng Gao, Class of 2011

Vanessa Theoharis, Class of 2010

Jamaal Eversley, Class of 2010

Darius Eslami, Class of 2009

Sarah English, Class of 2008

Stephanie Madesh, Class of 2007

Manjari Rastogi, Class of 2006

Joseph Spinelli, Class of 2005

Jennifer Putnam, Class of 2005

Sanaa Hyder, Class of 2004

Seth Ginsberg, Class of 2003

Jeffrey Greenberg, Class of 2003

Julia Patriciu, Class of 2002

James N. Page, Class of 2001 

In honor of the Martin Luther King Jr. Legacy Day, all students are invited to participate in a creative arts contest. Contestants will choose one of two topics and submit a short literary work (1,000 words or less) of poetry, short fiction, dramatic monologue or dialogue, or spoken word; visual art; video; screenplay; fashion design; song; or dance. Contestants may enter any one piece of work that they feel addresses an important aspect of Dr. King's life and legacy.

Past Winners

First Place: Juan Pablo Martinez, Class of 2015, Obama Mosaic
Second Place: Manny Paredes, Class of 2014, "Letter to my Sister"

First Place: Ali Khan, Class of 2014, "Global Rebirth"
Second Place: Cathy Bao, Class of 2012, Sculpture "Caged Dream"

First Place: Marie Pierre, Class of 2012
Second Place: Mercedes Encarnation-Mandes, Class of 2012​

First Place: Mona Gimenez, “The Dream That Lives On”
Second Place: Jamaal Eversley, “The Dream Revisited”

Tied for First Place:
Marie Pierre, Class of 2012 
Brandon Lane, Class of 2010

First Place: Obenewaa Boakye, Class of 2011, “My Child”
Second Place: Shaina Silva, Class of 2008 “Come Unity” 

All Babson graduate and undergraduate students are invited to write a speech on one of two topics addressing important aspects of Dr. King's life. There will be three prizes awarded: the first-place winner will receive a $500 prize and will deliver their speech at the Legacy Day Celebration. The second-place winner will receive a $250 prize. Speeches should be typed, double-spaced and should not exceed 1,000 words.

Past Winners

First Place: Kadia Tubman, Class of 2013

First Place: Christian Lewls, Class of 2013, "It Gets Better"
Second Place: Kate Anderson, Class of 2014, (untitled speech)

First Place: Kadia Tubman, Class of 2013
Second Place: Nohely Artega, Class of 2011

First Place: Kadia Tubman, Class of 2013, "Three Strikes: A Speech"
Second Place: Robin Lee Allen, Class of 2011, "Lesbians Revised"

First Place: Rayshawn Whitford, Class of 2012, "Bridging the Gap: Continuing Dr. King's Legacy"
Second Place: Aaron Hartman, Class of 2009, "Slumbering Equality"

Frist Place: Sarah English, Class of 2008, "Hold as One's Own"
Second Place: Sterling Charles, Class of 2008, "Change"
Third Place: Tommy Wenzlau, Class of 2012, "You Don't Need a Weatherman to Tell Which Way the Wind Blows"

First Place: Sarah English, Class of 2008
Second Place: Asad Rahim, Class of 2007

Alvin Wade
Maxwell Owen

Anand Dholakia, MBA Class of 2005
Barbara Wong, Class of 2005

Jason Bederick, Class of 2005
Jason Clinkscales, Class of 2004

Merit Scholarship Upon Undergraduate Admission
The Sorenson Arts Scholarship is awarded to an incoming student who is interested in combining artistic pursuits with a management education while at Babson. This four-year scholarship is awarded to entering first-year students at Babson College. In order to be considered for this award, the student must demonstrate academic achievement and financial need. There is a 500-word essay about combining artistic interests and business management education with the admission application. The scholarship offers an annual award for up to four years of $5,000. Please label your essay "The Sorenson Arts Scholarship Application Essay” and submit it to Babson College with your application for admission.


Matthew Hard, Class of 2017
Dominic Esposito, Class of 2016

Morgan Keith, Class of 2015

Susanna Kroll, Class of 2014

Megan Osinski, Class of 2013

Suopeng Gao, Class of 2011

Alexander Markovitz, Class of 2010

Rafael Balaguer, Class of 2009

Ty Cohne, Class of 2008

Lauren Green, Class of 2006

Sarah Healy, Class of 2006​​