​​Student Spaces

Babson’s campus holds a variety of venues where students can meet, both formally and informally, to discuss ideas, get to know one another, or just hang out. Here are a few of the most popular:

Roger’s Pub
Located on the ground floor of Park Manor Central, Roger’s Pub provides students a venue to relax and socialize on campus, with booths to sit and relax, a pool table, and dart boards. On Thursdays, from 4-8 PM, the Pub is reserved for graduate student use, and clubs sponsor themed nights to raise awareness of an issue that affects their area of interest or to fundraise.

Glavin Chapel
The center of multifaith activities on campus, the Glavin Family Chapel provides members of the Babson community with a sanctuary to practice their religious faith, seek inspiration and guidance, and find peace in the quiet of a sacred place. People of all faiths, cultures, and traditions are welcome.

Graduate Student Lounge
Located on the ground floor of Olin Hall, the Graduate Student Lounge provides students with a space to sit back, relax, and even watch a little television.

Reynolds Campus Center
The Donald W. Reynolds Campus Center (RCC) is a 38,000-square-foot facility that serves as a crossroads and living room for the campus. As it houses the Campus Store, dining options, gaming options, student mail services, serenity and student resource rooms, and the student iMacs, you will spend a lot of time at the campus center. View our virtual tour to take an inside look at the RCC through the eyes of fellow students.

Trim​ Dining​ Hall
Trim Dining Hall provides students with “all you can eat” dining option with a flat rate for entry. Comprised of many dining stations, you can choose from traditional American ‘comfort food’ to cuisine from around the world. Graduate students can enter at a discounted rate on Fridays.

Woodland Hill Building 4
Woodland Hill Building 4 contains a space for those in residence to socialize. There is also an outdoor area with volleyball courts and a grill. Graduate students may use this space for social events with the permission of the Office of Campus Life form.​​​​​​