​Clubs and Organizations

Babson offers more than just academics to our students.

Did you know that each year, Babson College students join more than 100 clubs and organizations? Some of the clubs and organizations have a long history with Babson, while others are just starting to leave their mark. Check out all of the clubs and organizations, and see what they can offer you!

 Organization Fair 2014 Organization Fair 2014

Organization Fair 2014  Organization Fair 2014

Benefits of registered student clubs and organizations include:

  • Eligible for funding from the Student Government Association
  • Receive support from the Office of Student Activities and Leadership Staff
  • Utilize campus transportation for sponsored, off-campus events
  • Gain valuable leadership skills
  • Invitations to attend leadership training sessions and conferences
  • Reserve space on campus for meetings and events 
  • Use of organizational space
  • Market and promote events campus-wide and lots more!

Here are the basic steps in starting a new student organization:

  • To begin, you need to have a commitment from at least five other students who will assist you in starting up the organization.
  • Once you have generated interest for your organization, you must have a faculty or staff member who is willing to serve as your advisor.
  • Contact Student Activities and Leadership sal@babson.edu​ to start the registration process.

All policy forms for student organizations can be found at Life@Babson. ​​​​​

Best of Babson Award Winners 2016-2017

Club/Organization of the Year - Babson Yoga
This award goes to a student group that has worked collaboratively with other groups (organizations or Babson departments) on campus, has made an impact in Babson's community, strengthened its membership and membership opportunities, worked closely with Student Activities & Leadership, and did something new and innovative this year.
Legacy Award - Olivia Brodt '19
This award goes to a student who has left a long-lasting impact on the Babson campus by being an engaged member of the community. The recipient is an influential leader and is a presence that will be missed on campus.
Diversity & Inclusion - Origins of Necessary Equality (ONE)
This award goes to a student or program that has provided a space for open dialogue while engaging in topics that may have been difficult or uncomfortable. This student or program advances the cause of justice and equality in our community.
Community Service Award - Kelly Song '20
This award goes to a student organization or an undergraduate student that showed a true dedication to serving the greater community, whether through the mission of their organization, or through the efforts of the individual members. This award does not need to go to a service-oriented organization, but should go to an organization that donated their time, talent, or goods to those in need.
Campus Wellness Award - Celeste Hynes '17
This award goes to a student or program that has used an holistic approach to improve our community's well-being through education and advocacy.
Club Sport Athlete of the Year - Sam Casey '17
This award goes to a club sport athlete who has not only excelled in their sport, but has also shown to be a great teammate. The student is an outstanding member of the community, who demonstrates hard work and commitment to their sport, while embodying Babson's values on and off the field.
Collaboration of the Year - Babson Investment Banking Association (BIBA) "Getting to Know the Cutler Center"
This award goes to an event, initiative, or program that was strengthened because two or more student clubs/organizations worked together toward their effort. This could also apply to a student group that partnered with a campus department, staff, or faculty member. This collaboration led to increased awareness, attendance, and/or school spirit.
Ted Grossman "Beaver Believer" Award - Leah Berkenwald (staff)
This award goes to a student, faculty, or staff member who is universally recognized for their passion for the Babson community, their support of leadership development, and pride in Babson as a whole.
Club/Org Advisor of the Year - Craig Scholl (Delta Tau Delta)
This award goes to a faculty or staff member who has made a significant contribution to their advisee group this year by providing mentoring, support, and encouragement related to event planning, brainstorming, and marketing. They attended meetings and/or events held by the group and promoted learning through the group's co-curricular involvement.
Creative Impact Award - Anikett Shroff '17
This award goes to a student who embodies both creativity and innovation, that have long been hallmarks of Babson College's focus on entrepreneurship. The student fulfilled these values by engaging in activities involving any of the following: theater, visual arts, film, music, dance, technology, and more. The student is also able to reflect their passion for the arts to the student body when participating in these activities and helps to increase overall interest in the arts.
Campus Engagement Award - Emily Rochford '17
This student has made an outstanding contribution to the Babson experience through their leadership and engagement with their club/organization. This student has empowered their team to be successful and uses their influence for the greater good, making ethical decisions that make Babson a better place.
Program/Event of the Year - East Meets West (Babson Asian Pacific Student Association)
This award goes to the organizing group of a well-planned and executed event that was well attended by the Babson community. The group that organized the event connected with the appropriate campus resources, planned in a timely manner, and had good attendance due to quality marketing. This event was unique, innovative, and/or added value to the campus.