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Babson leadership academy

The Babson Leadership Academy intentionally meets students where they are at and creates experiences that allow students to develop and live as entrepreneurial leaders.

The Babson Leadership Academy is committed to Student Activities and Leadership’s mission to foster and develop educational, social and leadership opportunities in an engaging environment that produces dedicated ​leaders and active citizens at Babson and everywhere​. As such, the Babson Leadership Academy is an opportunity for students at all levels to experience leadership learning that will aid them at Babson and beyond. Built on the foundations of Emotional Intelligence and the concept of Entrepreneurial Thought and Action, students participating in the Babson Leadership Academy will develop their leadership skills by thinking, acting, reflecting and acting again through programs with purpose, learning and network behind them.

The Babson Leadership Academy has two main components: leadership seminars & class-specific programming.

Leadership Seminars are a series of workshops that are tailored to provide students (no matter their academic status) with skills that are needed to be successful in and out of the classroom. These seminars are presented a member of the Babson College community.
2015-2016 Leadership Seminars topic include:
  • ​Personal Branding through Social Media
  • Leadership Styles
  • Group Dynamics
  • Productivity and Wellness
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Transition Roundtable
  • Marketing Yourself
  • Positivity and Gratitude
Class-specific Programming focuses on providing students with experiences that are targeted for their academic year. With the concepts of Purpose, Learning and Network, programming helps students understand

First  Year Programming
First Year/Senior Retreat

Sophomore Programming
Mystery Bus

Junior Programming
Dinner with Strangers

Senior Programming
First Year/Senior Retreat
SORA Retreat​

The following programs are open to any student regardless of their academic status:
  • ​4U Retreat
  • Posse​ Retreat (invitation only)
  • CWEL Retreat (invitation only)