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Leadership LAB

The Leadership LAB intentionally meets students where they are at and creates experiences that allow students to develop and live as entrepreneurial leaders.

The Babson Leadership LAB (Learning and Beyond) is committed to the Department of Student Activities and Leadership’s mission to foster and develop educational, social and leadership opportunities in an engaging environment that produces dedicated leaders and active citizens at Babson and everywhere​. As such, the Leadership LAB is an opportunity for students at all levels to experience leadership learning that will aid them at Babson and beyond. Built on the foundations of Emotional Intelligence and the concept of Entrepreneurial Thought and Action,® students participating in the Leadership LAB will develop their leadership skills by thinking, acting, reflecting and acting again.

This fall we have launched two successful leadership programs for Babson College students:

Emerging Leaders Program 

The Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) is a cornerstone of the Babson Leadership LAB that provides training, mentorship and experiential learning to approximately 50 Babson College students in their first semester. This program encourages personal growth and development through active participation in discussion, exercises and projects. ELP utilizes the Babson Entrepreneurial Leadership and Global Mindset models to maximize the ability of these individuals to succeed and contribute, not only to the College, but also in all of their future endeavors. Students can register for one of the two leadership sections of the First Year Seminar (FYS) course to take part in this program.

Evolving Leaders Experience 

The Evolving Leaders Experience at Babson College is designed for any student who has achieved sophomore status or above and is interested in improving leadership competence and enhancing future leadership potential. Our Evolving Leaders will participate in signature experiences, develop action plans for future leadership, and engage in online reflection to support them as they lead entrepreneurially. Students can participate in this program multiple times, as they are able to take advantage of unique content each academic year.  Over the course of the academic year Evolving Leaders will complete the following:

  1. Participate in at least three leadership experiences —Students will choose from monthly workshops, thee session seminars, or other approved signature Babson experiences.
  2. Put into action skills learned at experiences—After each experience attended, students will be asked to consider what they learned and apply it to their leadership activities on campus. Advisors will assist students in being intentional with the leadership skills that they are developing and the action that they are taking.  Advisors will also walk students through their development overtime and focus on building self-awareness to aid in continued leadership growth.
  3. Engage in online leadership reflection—After students put their learned skills into action, they will be required to reflect on the action that they took. This reflection will allow students to continually develop as leaders and better prepare for their next action steps.
Active Leaders Program 

The Active Leaders Program is a culminating experience for Babson College Seniors. Throughout the fall semester, Active Leaders engage in a series of reflections and meaning making activities to assist them in understanding their contributions to Babson College and to be intentional with their choices for involvement throughout their final semesters.  In the spring semester the program shifts its focus to legacy, as the Active Leaders plan and execute a shared leadership training for the 150+ student leaders who have been selected to serve for the 2014-2015 academic year.  If you are interested in participating in the Active Leaders Program, please email 

Caitlin Capozzi​, Director of Student Activities and Leadership.