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​Natalie Taylor Scholar Program

The goal of the Natalie Taylor Scholar Program is to formally engage students in service experiences embedded in their academic and co-curricular experiences. The program was created to recognize and reward community and civic engagement and will distinguish students who have committed themselves to service, community engagement, and social responsibility.

Cradles to Crayons 

Students who successfully meet the required  criteria will receive distinction  upon graduation.

Natalie Taylor Scholars will be noted on the student’s transcript; will be recognized at the senior awards ceremony; and will wear a medal of recognition at graduation.

Through an application and interview process, students will be accepted into the Natalie Taylor Scholar program. Limited funds will be available for service immersion experiences.


  • Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship (FME)
  • Required retreat upon acceptance into the program
  • Students can apply either in the fall of their sophomore or junior year
  • One other course with a service component (on-campus or offshore)
  • 200 additional hours of service including at least: One immersion service experience—Habitat for Humanity, Summer Corps, Bernon Internship Program (at least 40 hours) or Service Leadership Experience (must be approved by director, Bernon Center)

Natalie Taylor Scholar Capstone Experience

  • 2-credit class, Be the Change, taught by Lisa Thomas and Stephen Deets
  • 2-credit independent projects focused on making a change

The Be the Change course and project will be completed in the spring of the student’s senior year with the intention of creating graduating students who are engaged, socially responsible global leaders.

Current Natalie Taylor & Grossman Scholar Projects

El Salvador

Natalie Taylor Scholars as well as other Babson students, staff, and faculty are currently working on a project in the developing community of Ahuachapán El Salvador. Working to build homes in the community with Habitat for Humanity, students are also working to teach entrepreneurship in the area. The goal of the project is to teach people how they can sustain themselves in a place where the education is poor and job opportunities are slim. By teaching the skills necessary to start and operate a business, the program is giving hope and providing a means of survival to many people in the community.

Lemonade Day

lemonade day.jpgNatalie Taylor Scholars will be working to volunteer with Lemonade Day which is a national organization working to promote youth entrepreneurship. Scholars will be travelling to schools in underprivileged areas around greater Boston and teaching entrepreneurship. With the project the Scholars hope to promote entrepreneurship at a young age and work with students to really teach them the foundations of running their own business. 

Cape Verde

The Natalie Taylor Scholars have recently partnered with a Babson Alum who started his own project on the Cape Verde Islands. The project seeks to provide shelter for children in the area who have suffered from abuse. It is the goal of the Natalie Taylor Scholars to work to promote the cause as well as work to better the living conditions within the shelters. Currently, Scholars are looking to create an athletics program within the community and also build a computer lab for the children in the shelters. It is our goal that by getting children off the streets and creating programs, the Natalie Taylor Scholars will be able to make a significant impact in the area. ​​​​​​​​​​

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