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CAP Work-Study Students

Please use this form to submit your work-study hours.  Hours are to be submitted by Sunday of every week for the previous week ending on Saturday.  Hours are submitted to payroll by the Office of Faith and Service​ on Monday morning of every week.  Hours will only be valid if submitted through this page.  Every student is required to submit his or her own hours.

 Office of Faith and Service CAP Hours Submission Form


* indicates required field

  • Please put the date of the Saturday that ends the week you are submitting the hours for (mm/dd/yyyy).

  • Please list all dates and locations where you volunteered. If known, please list breakdown of hours next to locations.
  • If you are a manager and other students joined you on your service date(s) please list their names, where they joined you and for how many hours.
  • Please list the total hours you are submitting only for the week ending you indicated above.