FAITH at babson 

Spirituality belongs at all times to all people.Whatever their race, position or creed.                                                                                                                           -Roger Babson

Babson College is dedicated to creating an environment of respect, celebration and support of all faith and religious traditons. 

Glavin Chapel

We exist to serve and support the spiritual developmetn of all within our community which consist of but is not limited to Catholic, Hindu, Jain, Jewish, Muslim, Protestant & Sikh students, faculty and staff.

The Office of Faith and Service acknowledge that faith is essential because it is an identity, it is formative and a belief system. We have many programs and events that highlight the diverse worhsip styles and faith traditions on campus, such as yoga, Shabbat, Catholic Mass, Muslim prayer, Christian worship and meditation. 

Our office try to provide the Babson community with a inclusive approach to faith. Our goal isn't to exclude or change one's belief but it is to use many plateforms to educate and provide open dialogue about faith differences and commonalities.   

We are a Multifaith instutitution that believes in respect and empathy as our bridge to understand all faiths without prejudice or intolearance. It is imperative that we help our students see faith as one way to approach social justice and apply social change to make a social impact.