Multifaith Programs

Babson College is an institution dedicated to fostering an environment of religious pluralism and respect.

Glavin Chapel

Multifaith Programs exists to serve, support, and nurture the religious and spiritual development of all within our campus community. Multifaith programs include regular worship services in a variety of religious traditions, multifaith dinners, yoga instruction, meditation sittings, liturgical and musical events, seasonal celebrations, and educational seminars.

The Multifaith staff is devoted to supporting students as they face spiritual issues in their life through open discussion and pastoral counseling at all levels. The Multifaith team is comprised of chaplains from the Buddhist, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, and Protestant faiths. Our chaplains aim to challenge thinking in the total realm of spiritual and moral issues, to assist in developing a truly human perspective, and to sit and be with the student in times of need and crisis. The vision of Multifaith Programs is to make Babson a place that openly welcomes persons from all faiths, as well as a setting that provides an educational and supportive environment for those students who are interested in exploring spirituality. The Multifaith Staff is available to all members of the Babson community.

Multifaith Programs work closely with the S​ervice Programs to sponsor and promote a wide variety of service opportunities. Collaborations include weekly volunteer opportunities with organizations such as, but not ​​limited to, Boys and Girls Club, Cradles to Crayons, Friends of the Homeless, Habitat for Humanity, YMCA.

The Glavin Family Chapel serves as a multifaith sanctuary in the heart of Babson College. All members of the Babson community are invited to practice their faith, to seek inspiration and guidance, and to find peace in the quiet of this beautiful space. The ma​​in sanctuary of the chapel is large enough for 150 chairs arranged i​n a number of configurations. The Glavin Family Chapel opened in the fall of 1997. It was named to honor the family of William F. Glavin, ninth president of Babson College. People of all faiths, cultures, and traditions are welcome to use and explore this space. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Religious and Holy Day Calendars