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Weekly Programs

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

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​Additional Weekly Programs

Art and Soul Series

Art and Soul is a program through which we seek to embody the belief that education is a spiritual as well as an intellectual journey.  The Art and Soul program is an evening of community celebration and participation around themes of spirituality and the arts, featuring performances, art exhibits, workshops and etc.  Delicious treats are provided to nourish the body as performances feed the soul.  Art and Soul Concerts, Performances, and Educational Programs are hosted at the Glavin Family Chapel.  These programs explore themes of spirituality and religious pluralism.  

Fall 2014


Waterline Series

October 22, 5-7 pm

Glavin Chapel

Waterline is a reading series that features original fiction, non-fiction, and poetry by faculty writers.  All readings take place in Glavin Chapel with a reception and refreshments following.  They are free and open to the public.  

Ancient Indian Folk Art:  Meet the Artist

Oct 27, 7-8:30 pm

Glavin Chapel

 Explore India’s ancient artistic and spiritual traditions as you meet a modern-day artist who is continuing a 2500-year-old folk art tradition.  Sunanda Sahay, an award-winning artist from Northern India, paints in the “Madhubani” tradition, a folk art practiced for over 2500 years in Northern India.  Learn more about India’s ancient spiritual traditions as well as its art as you listen to Sunanda and look at her work. 

 The Madhubani folk art tradition has its origins in the ordinary day of the Indian woman.  Women painted their mud walls to celebrate every festival, wedding, childbirth and to ward off evil influences.  This traditional art form has survived for centuries by becoming an integral part of local rituals and storytelling and helping to convey folklore and values from one generation to another.

 About the artist--Sunanda Sahay has been painting in Madhubani style from almost two decades now. She has participated in dozens of exhibitions, workshops, artist-in-residency, demos, juried shows and talks at various museums including MFA, PEM, Danforth museums, various schools, colleges and community places. Her website is


Drawing as Meditation

November 6, 5-7 pm

Glavin Chapel

By slowing down and paying close, directed attention to process rather than meditation, Drawing can be used to achieve the mindfulness of meditation.

 Denning Aaris will begin the session with a guided meditation after which Danielle Krcmar will lead you through a basic series of drawings made in response to sight, touch, and memory as a means of increasing your awareness of the present moment.

 This workshop is free to all members of the Babson Community, all art supplies will be provided and no previous art experience is required.

Co-sponsored by the Sorensen Center for the Arts


A Night of Modern Scenes

Dec 10, 5-7 pm

 Glavin Chapel

Experience the freshness of live theatre as you watch students in action!.  This public showcase will feature work by students from the “Fundamentals of Acting and Improvisation Class” taught by Professor Beth Wynstra,  Babson College.


Mindfulness Meditation

Fridays from noon-12:45 pm in the Glavin Family Chapel (for Staff and faculty only)
Tuesdays from 7:30 pm- 8:30 pm in the Glavin Family Chapel for Students

Tai Chi

Tuesdays at Noon - 1 p.m.
Location: The Glavin Family Chapel

Cru Christian Community Worship Service

Cru  has a weekly Citywide meeting at Park Street Church in downtown Boston nearly every Friday night of the school year. Come join us and meet students from all over Boston.  Or meet with a small group for one of our Lifegroup meetings. 
Mondays: Lifegroup @ 7:00 pm in Central Common Room
Tuesdays: Lifegroup @ 7:00 pm in Central Common Room
Friday: Citywide @ 7:30pm-10:30pm in Park Street Church, Boston, meet in Hollister Parking Lot at 6:15 pm.  To get a ride, please text or email Ben Pierce ( or 802-375-4377, by Thursday so that he can know how many cars they will need for getting to the city. 
Sundays: Various churches


Cunnington Speaker Series

Throughout this speaker series we will be exploring ways in which the message of Jesus of Nazareth can help us discern how to live our lives mindfully while working in a business environment.  All are welcome to and invited to attend.  For more information please contact Marianne Smith.  ​
September 18, 2014:  Welcome, Will Messinger, Theology of Work Project.

October 16, 2014:  Mike Timmas

November  13,2014:  Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week: Courtenay Venton, economist - International Director One Hen

January 29, 2015:  David Blanchard, alum, Co-Founder Praxis 

March 5, 2015:  Leap of Faith and Service Week, Women's History Month - Women's Luncheon

BIG (Babson Intercultural Group) Meetings

All are welcome to learn more about other faith traditions, explore your own identity and culture and challenge your beliefs in a safe and open environment.  Opportunities exist for collaboration and programming.  Please contact Denning Aaris for more information.  
Meeting times for the fall semester are
bi-weekly, every other Tuesday evening from 5 pm- 6pm
in the Central Diversity and Inclusion Space beginning on September 9th. 

Yoga Classes

All are welcome to join instructor Neil Sullivan for an hour and a half Yoga class.  Matts are provided and we welcome all levels to practice.  Classes start September 9th.

Thursdays from 5:00 pm- 6:30 pm

In the Glavin Family Chapel   ​​​