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Frequently Asked Questions

How are we billed for our apartments?
You will be billed in two installments by Student Financial Services (SFS). You can make arrangements with them to make payments.

What are the costs for on-campus housing?
The cost for the 2015-2016 academic year are between $11,916-$15,154. One Year MBAs entering the program in May pay the 2014-2015 rates for the summer, and then are moved to the 2015-2016 cost structure in August. 

Why are there multiple prices for the same type of room?
The pricing of each space depends on a few factors including size, building, AC or no AC, and the condition of the space.

Can my family live with me on campus?
Yes. There are larger apartments to accommodate families. There are only a few and they fill up fast so request early!

Is it possible to get a studio apartment and later switch into a larger apartment? 
You may be put onto a waiting list for a larger apartment if you wish. Please be aware that typically studio apartments are given to students coming to Babson by themselves, 1 bedroom apartments are given to couples and 1.5 and 2 bedroom apartments are given to couples with children. Exceptions can be possible but only in rare cases.

Can I apply for the 1.5 or 2 bedroom apartment and have a friend stay with me?
The larger apartments are for families, not double occupancy. We have very limited number of larger apartments and many applicants hoping to receive an apartment.  The larger 1.5 and 2 bedroom apartments are reserved for families.

How will the housing fee be paid?
You may pay with a check or credit card and payments should go directly to Student Financial Services (SFS).

Does the fee for the semester include the housing for Winter break and Spring break?
Yes. The total you are given is for the fall and spring semesters. We also recognize that graduate students may need to remain on campus for winter break. You are welcome to stay through December and the new year if you would like.  You may also stay in your apartment for the summer; however there will be an additional charge for the summer months.

Can I stay in an apartment for just the summer or one semester?
All apartments are under a contract for the entire academic year. If you are a One Year MBA student, your contract extends from May to May; If you are a Two Year MBA student, your contract extends from August to May. If an extenuating circumstance should arise and you need to vacate your apartment you can request to be released from your contract but it is done on a case by case situation. By signing the contract, you are responsible for the cost of the apartment for the full academic year.

If my apartment does not have air conditioning, may I bring my own?
No.  The buildings are not equipped to handle the amount of energy needed for each apartment to have an air conditioner. Some apartments have air conditioning in them already but otherwise we suggest that you bring fans.

Are pets allowed?
Fish in 5 gallon tanks are permitted in the apartments. Cats and dogs are not allowed.

Do the apartments in Woodland come with any appliances?
The Woodland apartments have a stove and refrigerator but you should plan on bringing your own microwave, kitchen appliances and dishes.  Woodside residents share a common kitchen; however the rooms come with a refrigerator/microwave combination unit.

Are there laundry facilities in each apartment?
Laundry facilities can be found in each building in Woodland Hill with the exception of building 10 which shares facilities with building 9. Washers are free for cold washes only and dryers are also free. Warm and hot washes are operated with quarters.

Do you provide tours of graduate housing?
We do not provide  tours of graduate housing. 

Are all of the rooms furnished?  What furniture is included in the room?
All rooms in graduate housing are furnished and furniture cannot be removed.  Woodside comes fully furnished just as a hotel would with a bed, nightstands, a small desk space, lamps, dresser, and a mini refrigerator.  The other apartments in Woodland hill come with a futon, dresser, desk, small table and chairs, and small bookshelves.  If you would like to request other items you may do so through the work order system on Portal.  

My preference is for a 1 bedroom but it’s just me living on campus? Will I automatically be assigned a single?
When assigning graduate students we work through the applications on a first some first serve basis but in order to accommodate as many people as possible we take into account whether or not the student has a family.  For example a family of 4 would be more likely assigned to a 2 bedroom than a couple and a couple would be more likely assigned to a 1 bedroom than an individual.  This process allows us to accommodate the most students in a space where they will be comfortable.  

What are the additional items I should purchase to bring to my room?
Here are some suggestions:

1) Toiletry items (soap, shampoo, towels, floor towel, bathroom tissue, etc.)

2) Bed sheets, pillow case, blankets

3) Floor Lamp (if living in Woodland Hills)

4) Ethernet cable

5) Television

What is the size of the bed’s mattress?
The futons provided in Woodland Hill studio apartments are full sized mattresses and the beds in 1 and 2 bedroom apartments in Woodland Hill and Woodside are full sized mattresses.

What should I do if there is basic furniture missing from my room?
 If you would like to request other items you may do so through the work order system on Portal.  

Do I have to have a car if I live on campus?
No. While you will need access to a car for things like grocery shopping, running errands, or off-campus excursions, you do not necessarily need a car of your own. Zip Car is a great option for students who live on campus but don’t want to buy a car. You can find more information online. International students who want to participate in the Zip Car driving plan will need to provide additional documentation.

What if I would like to have my car on campus?
You can register your vehicle at the Public Safety office ($75 a year) to receive parking decal, which will allow you to park at Woodland and Woodside.  Please note the designated parking area for graduate housing residents, so that you do not violate any parking regulations.

What are some activities that my spouse or family living with me can get involved with at Babson?

1) Partners program

2) Interact with other families living in Woodland

3) On-campus facilities

Can my spouse/family use on-campus facilities (e.g. the gym)?
Yes, after they have obtained One Card at Reynolds student center.  It is also necessary that the spouse or family member who is a current MBA student living on campus be present when obtaining the One Card.

Can I see a photo or experience a virtual tour of my apartment?
There are diagrams of typical apartments and floor plans on the Residence Life website and we are working to add photos in the next coming months. 

Can I stay in my apartment over the Winter Break, Spring Break, etc?
Yes.  The contract is for the academic year which includes all breaks, except for the summer.  You will not have to move out until the end of your contract. 

Will I automatically have renter’s insurance, or do I need to apply for this on my own?
We suggest that all students obtain their own renters insurance in order to be fully covered for any losses.  The college assumes no liability directly or indirectly for loss or damange to person property.

What do I do if I have problems with my room, phone, or cable?

  • Do you have problems with your room (i.e. damages, flooding, broken furniture, etc.)?
    Call Facility Services at X4444 or E-mail
  • Do you have problems with the laundry machines?  You can enter a service request directly
  • Do you have problems with your phone and/or data jacks?
    Call Babson Telecommunications Office at x4560 or E-mail
  • Do you have a problem with your Cable service?
    Call Comcast at 1-888-638-2855 for the instruction for technical assistance.

If I don't receive on campus housing, are there off campus options?
Yes, there are a number of off campus housing options. Additionally, you may want to explore the incoming student Facebook Groups for potential roommates and suggests about off campus housing.  Deposited students may request to join the group for the appropriate program here:

MSM Class of 2016 

One-Year MBA Class of 2016,

​Two-Year MBA Class of 2017.

I have a question that is not listed. Who should I contact?
Please direct all questions regarding your housing assignment or contract to​. ​