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Housing Selection (Current Students)

Step 1:

Fill out the Returning Student Housing Application​ and select a type of “Housing Selection Process” (Special Interest, Squatter, Quiet Housing, 4 person suite, 6 person suite, or General Selection).

Each student will be given a Lottery Number. Numbers are generated at random, but in order of class status.

Step 2: 

Complete Roommate Selections (if they want to live in a suite, double, triple or quad). Students who want to live in singles or do not have roommate preferences do not have to complete this. Roommate configuration will be open during the entire selection process. So if you do not make it into Mandell you can immediately find 2 other friends to try for Pietz or McCullough
Lottery numbers will no longer be averaged for roommate groups. In the past if you wanted to live in a suite in Mandell, Pietz, McCullough or with roommates in any of the general selection buildings your lottery numbers would be averaged together with the best averaged number beginning the process. This year instead of averaging lottery numbers each student will keep their original lottery number that is assigned to them and within your roommate group whoever has the lowest lottery number will begin the process. For example Joe is currently a senior  and his lottery number is 10. Mike, Ron and Bill are all currently juniors and their numbers are 105, 205, and 223. Joe’s lottery number will determine their date and time for the housing selection process.
Only students who will be​ a junior or a senior next fall or students who will be 21 by August 30, 2015, will be allowed to live in Mandell, Pietz, and McCullough.

Step 3: 

Select a room on the date of the respective “Housing Selection Process” . Each student will be given a specific date and time they can begin selecting a room to live in.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. ​What happens to students who miss deadlines or did not fill out the housing application?
    Students who do not apply on time are placed on a waiting list. These students are not guaranteed housing but we will offer them a room as space becomes available this summer. Waitlist offers begin on June 1st and continue through August.
  2. What is Special Interest Housing Selection?
    Each group is headed by a Community Manager. The Community Manager is a student leader on campus and works directly with the Residence Life staff. The Community Manager submits a roster of all students who will be living in the tower for the following year. All students living in the tower sign a Housing Agreement for Special Interest. Once these names are submitted, these students are done with housing selection and do not go through any other process.
    Note:  We may have additional communities for the academic year. This will be determined during the Special Interest Housing selection. 
  3. What does it mean to be a “squatter”?
    Students who want to live in the same residence hall room next year as they are living now may “squat” and keep their room for the following year. A student who chooses to squat receives the exact same room. (Please note that first year students and students living in suites are not eligible to squat).
  4. What residence halls/rooms does 4 person selection include?
    You must be 21 years of age or Junior/Senior status in the Fall of 2015 to select a suite in Mandell Family Hall. There are 124 students who live in Mandell Family Hall/ 31 suites. These suites may be coed.
  5. What residence halls/rooms does 6 person selection include?
    You must be 21 years of age or Junior/Senior status in the Fall of 2015 to select a suite in Pietz and McCullough . We have 108 students who live in Pietz and 108 students who live in McCullough; each hall has 18 suites. These suites may not be coed.
  6. What is 24 hour quiet housing?
    All rooms in Bryant hall.
  7. What residence halls/room does General Selection include?
    General Selection consists of all rooms (singles, doubles, triples, and quads) in Putney, Coleman, Canfield A, Van Winkle A1, A2, A3, B3, Woodland Hill 8, 9 and 10.
  8. What residence halls are “meal plan exempt”?
    Students who live in Woodland Hill 9, Woodland Hill 10 or a Bryant studio (Bryant 107, 108, 109, 208, 209, or 210) may be exempt from the meal plan. These studio apartments have a full kitchen (oven included) in a room. These are the only rooms on campus with these amenities. 
  9. What if a student has a medical or disability that requires a housing accommodation?
    Students who would like to request a housing accommodation based on a medical or disability must email Coleen Crawford and request the proper documentation. There are two forms to fill out—one by the student and the other by the treating physician. A committee comprised of staff members from Residence Life, Health Services, and Academic Services will approve or deny student requests. Students who are approved for a medical or disability accommodation are given their assignment. These students do not get to choose their assignment. Rather, they are administered by the Residence Life staff. If students are denied, they need to go through the housing selection process like everyone else. 
  10. Can a student change roommate selections at any time?
    Yes, but you will need to do this before roommate configuration and selection is over. At any time during this process, students can select or de-select roommates.  Please be advised though that we aim to make the process as transparent as possible. As a result, anytime someone selects a roommate, the selected person will receive an email. For example, Jennifer wants Sally to be roommates with her. When Jennifer selects Sally as a roommate online, Sally will receive an email that says,  “Jennifer Jones has requested for you to be roommates.”  Sally must then select her as well. If she does not, the roommate selection will not hold. In addition, if students de-select one another, an email will go to the student that has been selected to say, “Jennifer Jones has de-selected you as a roommate.” As a result, all roommate requests must be mutual.
    IMPORTANT: Students who are planning to select a single cannot have any roommates selected in the roommate configuration process. If roommates are selected, the student will only be able to view and select double, triple, or quad rooms. 
  11. How many “Housing Selection Processes” can a student take part in?
    Only 1; For instance, students who participate in Special Interest Housing selection may not go through suite selection to “see what they can get.”  Some exceptions apply here (students who select to take part in 4 person suites and do not get it, then get to take part in 6 person suite selection, and so forth).
  12. If I want to live in a 6 person suite, but only have 4 friends to go in with right now, can we try to get it with only 5 people?
    No. All suite groups must be full groups at the time of selection. 
  14.  I tried for a 4 person suite in Mandell Family Hall and didn’t get it, now what?
    Students who do not get a suite in Mandell Family Hall can then enter in 6 person suite selection with 2 more people. Roommate configuration will remain open so students can add 2 friends to try for a 6 person suite. Lottery numbers will no longer be averaged by group; it will be determined by whoever in the group has the lowest lottery number. 
  15. I tried for a 4 person suite in Mandell Family Hall and didn’t get in, a 6 person suite in Pietz or McCullough and didn’t get in, now what?
    Students who do not get into 4 person or 6 person suites then enter the General Selection process. We completely understand that rising juniors or even some seniors who do not get into a suite find this very disheartening. We will be glad to put students on a waiting list and work with them to see if any changes happen over the summer. 
  16. If I want to live in a double, but do not have a roommate selected, what happens?
    You must have enough Roommates/Suitemates to fill the room you are selecting.  No partially filled rooms will be permitted (i.e. a group of 2 students cannot select a Triple; a student without any Roommate Requests cannot select a Double, etc.). 

    If you are unable to select a room you will be placed on the To Be Assigned list.    Over the summer, Housing Operations will administratively assign students who are unable to select a room during Room Selection. In this situation, students are still committed to the full terms of the Housing License and Meal Plan Agreement. 

    All students on the To Be Housed list will be assigned housing for the 2015-16 Academic Year.  While we cannot guarantee that you will be assigned to your first or second choice of accommodations, it does mean that you will be assigned a space before the start of the Fall 2015 semester.Those students placed on the To Be Housed list will be contacted at the end of April, after Room Selection, with instructions on how to edit their applications to indicate Hall, Roommate, and Room Type preferences.

    Assignments for those on the To Be Housed list will be processed over the summer based on Lottery Number. 

  17. My roommate and I selected a quad. Can we reserve the remaining 2 spots for our friends?
    The remaining spots in a quad (the same goes for a double or triple) are available to any students who are eligible. Students are not permitted to reserve a space or request that students who selected the room be asked to change rooms so friends can move in. However, if your friends selection time begins and the spaces are still available, then yes, they can certainly select this location, but spaces are not “reserved.”
  18. What if I want a single?
    Singles are the most requested type of housing accommodation on campus. While we wish everyone could get their first choice, this is just not possible. As a result, not everyone will be able to select one. First year students, in particular, should not plan on obtaining a single room. 
  19. What about the singles waitlist?
    The singles waitlist will go in order of selection number. We will begin offering singles as they become available and all through the summer months. Please know it is not a guarantee that a student will receive a single prior to the academic year, but we hope to offer as many students possible.
  20. My selection number is “X” What are my “chances” of getting the type of room I want?
    This is one of the most popular questions, that unfortunately, does not have an answer. We do not know prior to selection the type of room (single, double, triple, or quad) that students are planning on selecting. As a result, we cannot give students a solid answer to this question as we just need to wait and see when selection begins. 
  21. I chose a room, but now I want to change it. Can I call Residence Life and have My Housing reset?
    Once a student confirms a space during selection, this cannot be reversed. Students cannot choose another space through My Housing selection and will need to go through the room change process after selection is over. 
  22. How do I request a room change?
    Room changes will not begin until after May 31. Please be aware that while we hope to accommodate as many students as possible, not all room change requests are guaranteed. 
  23. What if I am “busy” and cannot select a room when my “scheduled time” begins?
    Students can log on to the online website anytime after their individual selection time begins. However, please be aware that the longer you wait to log on, the less choices exist. Students who do not choose a room by the end of General Selection may not be guaranteed a space if all rooms are taken. 
  24. What if I am going abroad in the fall?
    If you are DEFINITELY going abroad this fall and know for sure that you will not need housing, then you do not have to apply and go through the process. Rather, you will fill out a Spring Housing Application in October.
    If you are planning to go abroad, but still not sure, play it safe and go through the Housing Selection Process-application, roommate configuration, and selection. If you choose housing and then find out you are going abroad or leaving Babson, you can always cancel your housing and meal plan by May 31 without penalty! 
  25. I selected a room during room selection, but now I want to live off campus. What should I do?
    Students can cancel their housing for ANY reason up until May 31. All you need to do is submit this in writing to After this time, students can no longer cancel their housing and will need to honor the Housing Contract and Meal Plan Agreement.