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Boys Lacrosse

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The Boys Lacrosse Camp is designed for boys ages 8–14, grades 3–9, who are looking to learn the game of lacrosse in a competitive and fun atmosphere. Each camper will be taught at a level that is appropriate for his ability and physical stature.

Junior Camp: Ages 8-10

Our Junior Camp is designed for the beginner who will learn to catch and throw, and the other basics of the game. During the week, Junior campers who are ready and want to try full-field, competitive lacrosse will have a chance to make the transition into the Senior Camp in the afternoon. Our goal is to ensure that every camper has fun playing lacrosse.

Program Objectives

  • Learn the fundamentals of lacrosse
  • Learn concepts of the game in small, understandable pieces (fast break, ground balls, face-offs, and defense)
  • Participate in fun and engaging skill-building activities
  • Practice skills learned by participating in scrimmages

Senior Camp: Ages 10-14

The Senior Camp (where full equipment is required) stresses fundamentals such as stick skills and offensive and defensive strategies. Campers will learn the finer points of the game through drills and competition. This section is designed for the camper who has some competitive lacrosse experience.

Program Objectives

  • Increase knowledge of the game of lacrosse
  • Learn one-on-one and team concepts of the game
  • Improve practice drills and self-practice techniques
  • Play daily scrimmages to incorporate the skills learned into a game setting
  • Develop a deeper knowledge and enjoyment of the game


Junior Camp

Campers must bring their mouth guard, helmet, lacrosse stick, cleats, and sneakers for potential indoor and/or turf play. (Gloves, shoulder pads, and arm pads are optional).

Senior Camp

Campers must bring their stick, gloves, helmet, mouth guard, shoulder pads, arm pads, and cleats.