Alexa   Pozniak

Alexa Pozniak

Co-owner, Life-Cycle Wellness​​

“Entrepreneurs wear multiple hats.”
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Massachusetts, United States
Executive and Enterprise Program
Start-up Entrepreneurship

How Has Participating in Entrepreneur’s Boot CampImpacted Your Career?

It has led me down a path I never imagined. A friend and I had been kicking around an idea that would allow us to channel our passion for health and wellness into a startup business. But, I was on the fence about pulling the trigger. I had spent my career working as a television journalist, and had doubts my skill set would translate well to the world of entrepreneurship. Boot Camp proved me wrong. The professors opened my eyes to new ways of thinking and unearthed skills I never knew I had. The program also surrounded me with a unique group of like-minded individuals from around the world that I could learn from. At the end of the week, I departed campus with a newfound excitement, and deeper understanding, of embarking down the path of entrepreneurship. We’re closing in on the one-year anniversary of our business, Life-Cycle Wellness, which I can confidently say would never have come to fruition had I not attended Babson’s Boot Camp.

Why Does the World Need More Leaders with an Entrepreneurial Mindset?

Instead of focusing on one role, or task, entrepreneurs wear multiple hats on any given day, making them not only well-rounded, but incredibly efficient, adaptable, and ultimately more productive.

What Do Others Need to Know about Babson?

Yes, there is a heavy emphasis on entrepreneurship at Babson. But, you don’t need to open your own business to benefit from the curriculum/offerings there. Babson will teach you invaluable skills/way of thinking that translate into any line of work, ultimately making you a stronger leader.