Alexander   Debelov   ’10

Alexander Debelov ’10

CEO, Virool

“Babson can’t be described as an institution; Babson is a state of mind.”
Current Location
California, United States
Class Year
Start-up Entrepreneurship
marketing-sales, general-management

What Words Have Changed Your Life?

“Success is never final, failure is never fatal. It’s courage that counts.”

How Do You Want to Change the World?

I am building a company in online native video advertising space that’s capitalizing on a rapidly changing consumer behavior of consuming less cable TV and engaging more with Web content. My goal is to build the most innovative, cutting-edge, fast-moving company, that eight years from now will become a household name worldwide.

Why Does the World Need More Leaders with an Entrepreneurial Mindset?

Entrepreneurs push the world forward. The majority say why; entrepreneurs look at problems and say why not? It’s the entrepreneurs who come out with innovative solutions and see opportunities where others see problems.

What Is Your Proudest Moment in Business?

Walking around the office at midnight and still seeing all of my colleagues there, not because they have to be there, but because they want to be there. Even at 60 employees, maintaining a culture, where every person bleeds with passion, has an uncanny desire to accomplish our mission, and is just as excited about changing the advertising industry as I am.

What Do Others Need to Know about Babson?

Babson can’t be described as an institution; Babson is a state of mind. Once you go through the program, you look at the world differently and your dreams become much grander. It’s a place of inspiration, a place of transformation, a magical place where people go to become entrepreneurs.

How Do You Define Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship to me is doing something that the majority deems impossible and making it real. It’s turning ideas into reality. It’s creating the future. It’s redefining the rules. It’s writing your own manual of how life should be lived and how people should interact with the world. It’s creating your own game and defining your own rules.