Ascoli   Federico   MS’16

Ascoli Federico MS’16

Founder and CEO, Exero SRL

“I needed to put my dreams into action, and Babson was the best and most natural choice for that.”
Current Location
Class Year
Graduate Master of Science in Management in Entrepreneurial Leadership (MSEL)
Start-up Entrepreneurship

What is your pre-Babson experience?

I previously attended Università Bocconi and worked at Felicitas Global Pte Ltd. as an assistant project manager.

Why did you choose Babson for your graduate education?

Ever since I was young, I've known I needed to become an entrepreneur. Looking into my parents' eyes, I saw what kind of passion drives entrepreneurs. Once you experience that, either directly or indirectly, there is no turning back. Once I graduated from my undergraduate university, I felt I needed to put my dreams into action, and Babson was the best and most natural choice for that.

What was your favorite part of the Babson student experience?

The best part of Babson is, without any doubt, how the people you meet, the place, the opportunities you are given, make you believe that your dreams can happen. Therefore, my favorite part of the experience was the last couple of months of the program. As you get close to the end, you start having a stupendous sense of excitement about your future. At the same time, you realize that you really need to get the most out of Babson before your experience ends.

How has Babson helped you develop your career?

The Babson experience does not end with the graduation. After earning my Babson degree, I started my own business, Exero SRL. During the first six months, I had a Babson classmate help me start the business. It was really great to have a person with the Babson mindset help me build the foundations of the business. Also, thanks to the MSEL faculty and the Design Thinking Club, my business had the chance of running some design sprints and workshops at Babson. Plus, thanks to the Babson network, my startup is also doing business with another Indian Babson startup.