Chris   Leschack   MBA'13

Chris Leschack MBA'13

Founder and CEO, iMogul

“The world needs entrepreneurs who can make things happen.”
Class Year
Graduate Blended Learning MBA
Start-up Entrepreneurship

Words That Changed My Life​

​“Opportunities don’t show themselves, you make them.” This is a quote from my father, a variation of “opportunity only knocks once.” My father is a retired U.S. Navy captain, ex-spy, explorer, and published author. Although he left my family when I was age 10, those words somehow struck a chord with me. Once I set my sights on a goal, especially ones that some people have said are unobtainable, I find a way to make it happen.

How I Want to Change the World

I believe that just about everyone on this planet has an idea that can help our world be a better place, however, they may lack the wherewithal to express that brilliant idea. Gene Rodenberry, Arthur C. Clarke, Philip K. Dick, Isaac Asimov, and Mary Shelley can be credited with sparking the imaginations of entrepreneurs to develop computers, mobile phones and tablets, robots, the Internet, and new forms of medicine. Powered by the crowd’s insatiable appetite for being a part of something exciting and new, I want to build a marketplace that inspires and enables young visionaries and entrepreneurs of today, and connects with the moguls and visionaries of yesterday, to solve the problems of our world tomorrow.

What the World Needs From Entrepreneurs Today

What I believe the world needs from entrepreneurs is not just visionaries, but entrepreneurs who can make things happen. The world needs to recognize that not only entrepreneurs, but more importantly intrapreneurs, come in all shapes and sizes, all ages, all creeds, all types of upbringings and walks of life and can be hidden in plain sight.

What You Need to Know about Babson

From my point of view, it took a lot of courage, risk, and empathy on the part of Babson to accept me into the MBA program. That is initially when I knew that Babson’s core values aligned congruently with mine. Babson’s selection of diverse, knowledgeable, and worldly candidates into the program, combined with the staff and faculty’s clear passion for teaching and welcoming of students’ thought-provoking dialogue, substantiated for me, the uniqueness of this college. Governments, companies, cultures, and people would do well to take a lesson from Babson’s entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial principles and credos. These lessons could excite and propel those governments, companies, cultures, and people into innovative and much-needed disruption in an otherwise perceived undisruptive world.

My Proudest Moment in Business

There have been many moments that I can be proud of throughout my business life. One of these moments is that unknowingly at the time, I reversed-engineered my career by seeking out, discovering, applying for, and being accepted into the Babson MBA business program.

Working with an extraordinary group of 50+ colleagues (now alumni), deepening my network of people and businesses, and knowing that each of us will be together in some form or another until the end of our business careers and undoubtedly our personal lives have proven to me that obtaining the Babson MBA was my proudest moment.

My Personal Brand

Listen to all. Exclude none. Leap before you look. Not all in that order!

How I Define Entrepreneurship

To find the courage to take a risk at doing something, anything, out of your comfort zone and, likewise, finding someone who has the courage to empathize and support your ambitions in taking that risk.