Danielle   Urban   ’12

Danielle Urban ’12

Manager, Demand Generation, OutSystems

“The best way that Babson prepared me for my job was teaching me how to learn.”
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Massachusetts, United States
Class Year
Corporate Entrepreneurship

How Babson Prepared Me for My Job

The best way that Babson prepared me for my job was teaching me how to learn. The variety of experiences I had leading up to graduation got me ready for the real world. During summer and winter breaks, I had several internships with organizations such as Major League Lacrosse, StudentAdvisor, ARCOS, and Babson Undergraduate Marketing. In addition to learning about new industries and gaining skills particular to each, these internships taught me about the interview and job search process. Staying confident and comfortable during an interview is very important, and I was able to practice that through my internships.

How the Center for Career Development Helped Prepared Me for My Job

I visited the Center for Career Development early on in my time at Babson. My visits to CCD helped me focus my job search and ensure that I was headed in the right direction. I received résumé and cover letters critiques and I started applying to at least a job a day. After a few more applications and phone interviews, I received my first job offer. A career counselor in CCD helped me negotiate the terms of my offer and then I officially entered the real world!

I was able to make strong connections with the CCD staff at Babson and this really helped put me at ease during my initial job search, as well as my subsequent searches. I recently switched jobs, and the entire process from interview to negotiating my offer was easier this time around because of what I learned from the experts in CCD.

The Most Important Part of My College Experience

The relationships I built with friends, professors, and staff during my time at Babson remain the most important part of my college experience. And, because these connections are invaluable, I’ll continue to focus on building relationships during my career.