Ismail    Fareed Sheikh   MS’18

Ismail Fareed Sheikh MS’18

Graduate Student, Master of Science in Finance

“I love interacting with Babson’s diverse graduate community.”
Hometown Location
Current Location
Massachusetts, United States
Class Year
Graduate Master of Science in Finance (MSF)

What is your pre-Babson experience?

I previously attended the University of St. Andrews and worked as a management trainee at Colony Textile Mills Limited.

Why did you choose Babson for your graduate education?

I chose Babson because of the college’s entrepreneurial focus, and its proximity to Boston.

What are your career goals?

I want to open an impact investing consultancy. At Babson, I’m taking courses and connecting with people who will help me in my journey to achieving that career goal.

As a Babson student, what do you do when not in class?

I’m a member of the Student Leadership Initiative Fund. We discuss and approve funding for students to attend events that will help them with career development and strengthen the Babson brand.

What was your favorite part of the Babson student experience?

I love interacting with Babson’s diverse graduate community and learning from their experiences