Joia   Spinelli   MBA’19

Joia Spinelli MBA’19

Founder, Global Joy, and Field Clinical Engineer, Abbott

“Babson helped me realize my entrepreneurial potential.”
Current Location
Massachusetts, United States
Class Year
Graduate Blended Learning MBA
Corporate Entrepreneurship, Start-up Entrepreneurship
general-management, operations-production
Technology, Life Sciences - Healthcare

Before enrolling in Babson’s Blended Learning MBA program, Joia Spinelli MBA’19 never considered herself an entrepreneur. Sure, she was creative. Yes, she was strategic. But, the idea of being an entrepreneur inside an organization hadn’t crossed her mind. At Babson, Spinelli unlocked her entrepreneurial potential. She launched her own business, Global Joy, and became an intrapreneurial leader within her full-time role. We spoke with her about her Babson journey, and what’s next for her business.

What Babson lesson resonates with you most?

How to reframe opportunities and situations—the ability to pivot and look at things from another perspective, ultimately allowing better solutions to emerge.

Tell us about your business.

Global Joy is a health platform where people can search, learn about, and connect with wellness professionals. This emerged after many years of working in healthcare and recognizing that I no longer wanted to contribute to the system we have. I created my own team of wellness professionals, and I was able to change my life. I became a certified health coach, a sponsored endurance athlete, was thriving at work, and that’s when I started to formulate the Global Joy brand. I wanted to know—how can I encourage other people to get the same type of wellness care that I did? How can I make it more accessible? How can it be something exciting for them, rather than tedious or taxing? My big vision is for Global Joy to be a platform where someone can create their own health team, pay a subscription​ and packaged rate for several professionals, and communicate easily with the people who are helping them achieve better health.

What role does entrepreneurship play in your career?

Babson helped me realize my entrepreneurial potential. Before coming here, I knew I was creative and a strategic business thinker, but never called myself an entrepreneur. Even now, as someone employed full time while starting my own company, I recognize how intrapreneurial I am. I am constantly creating new programs within the organization I work in. My entrepreneurial mindset enables me to practice so many skills in my full-time role, then apply the lessons I learn to Global Joy.

What do others need to know about Babson?

For me, Babson has been a “create your own adventure” experience, and it’s amazing. As a student in the Blended Learning MBA program, I’ve taken advantage of the expansive opportunities here, including taking a night class as an elective and participating in the WIN Lab. Every day, I get to experiment with Global Joy while learning how to build and run a company in real time. It’s the best learning experience I’ve ever had. And, the professors really care—not only about teaching in the classroom, but helping me succeed outside of it, too.