Karim   El-Gamal   MBA’11

Karim El-Gamal MBA’11

Co-owner, The Rail Trail Flatbread Co, New City Microcreamery and Less Than Greater Than

“Babson students, alumni, and faculty are creating endeavors of value by strapping their boots on, rolling back their cuffs, and taking action.”
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Massachusetts, United States
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Start-up Entrepreneurship
finance-accounting, general-management, function-consulting

What Piece of Advice Changed Your Life?

My father insisted that I go get an MBA when my career plans were coming to a halt during the recession. At the time, I thought that education was a waste of time for entrepreneurs. He suggested I research successful entrepreneurs and the credit they give education, specifically their MBA. It was that advice that led me to Babson’s MBA program and turned my life around in one year.

How Has Being a Member of the Babson Community Helped Impact Your Career?

Being a member of the Babson community has had a very strong and positive impact on my career. Primarily, I met my business partner at Babson and that has made the biggest impact on my career. Second, the professors, the students and the alumni office have all assisted me and continue to do so through many of the challenges and wins I’ve gone through.

On another note, the entrepreneurial energy that motivated me while attending Babson doesn’t exist in many other areas, hence, staying close with the community allows me to continually stay motivated and driven by engaging with like-minded people. Our story begins with Babson, and I am proud to share that story with others. I can see it in their eyes (and many times in print) that this is something they recognize as powerful and impactful.

Why Does the World Need More Leaders with an Entrepreneurial Mindset?

When the only constant is change at an ever-accelerating pace, leaders with an entrepreneurial mindset will be able to adapt to change and the challenges that come with it. In the age of technology and information, communication and travel are disrupting power structures and infrastructures more frequently. Hence, entrepreneurs are needed as leaders in order to overcome multifaceted challenges while leading the rest through obstacles in ways that create the most net value. Gone are the days of good administrative leaders or those with motivational speeches in public but privately operate in secrecy. Transparency and accountability are inevitable in today’s society; we need those that can adapt to the disruptions, see opportunity and—most importantly—take action.

What Do Others Need to Know about Babson?

People need to know that Babson has an entrepreneurial spirit that cannot be shaken. And, while a stroll through campus or sitting in on a hockey game may give the appearance that Babson is like most other colleges, a semester at Babson is all one needs to understand that we are all striving for something and we are all actually doing something about it and helping each other get there. There’s lightning in a bottle here and the proof is in the pudding. Day after day, year after year, Babson students, alumni, and faculty are creating endeavors of value by strapping their boots on, rolling back their cuffs, and taking action.

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