Larry   Fitzmaurice   ’59

Larry Fitzmaurice ’59

Principal, Dorset Management Group

“Be a witness to the fact that 'business' is not a dirty word.”
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United States
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My Personal Brand

My approach is to be collegial, goal-oriented, delegating authority but not giving up the responsibility. I don’t micromanage. I manage by walking around.

Words That Changed My Life

I took a graduate course in entrepreneurship from Howard Anderson (who went on to found the Yankee Group). He taught that you had to have the theory and math to back up your business plan, but you don’t just trust theory. You have to follow your own gut. He challenged me to be more independent.

What the World Needs from Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, you must be true to yourself in your approach to life and family, and not make decisions based on convenience. Be a witness to the fact that business is not a dirty word. Good work includes a holistic world view on ethics, business practices, and ecological and employment practices. As a manager, your responsibility is your stewardship of the enterprise, not just quarterly earnings. In short, shrink the world by example.

My Proudest Moment in Business

When I was president and CEO of the New England Center for Homeless Veterans, we were recognized by Babson as a leader in social entrepreneurship.

How I Define Entrepreneurship

  • The ability to create opportunities and act on them.
  • To modify your approach based on empirical evidence and your experience.
  • To react quickly and decisively to the facts at hand. I call this “the Marine Corps approach.”