Louis   Joseph   MBA’05

Louis Joseph MBA’05

CEO, Alps & Meters

“I would like to change the world by helping others find their greatness.”
Current Location
Massachusetts, United States
Class Year
Graduate Evening MBA
Start-up Entrepreneurship
Consumer Products – Retail

What Words Have Changed Your Life?

Integrity, hard work, go for it

How Do You Want to Change the World?

I would like to change the world by helping others find their greatness: what they are most inspired to do, accomplish, or achieve. I enjoy assisting colleagues, friends, and family to recognize their own particular “super powers” and to help them find a means of aligning those special abilities with professional or personal interests.

Why Does the World Need More Leaders with an Entrepreneurial Mindset?

Entrepreneurs see possibilities, identify opportunities, and dream about a better future. Innovators move society forward through visions of an alternative universe that challenge convention. Entrepreneurs overcome the forces of inertia that reduce the potential for advancement and unlock hidden value that changes the world for the better.

What Is Your Proudest Moment in Business?

In my business career thus far, I have been most fortunate to have worked with a variety of highly imaginative and innovative teams. I am most proud when forming or participating in a team built on a clear vision, strong values, and a network mentality aimed at creative collaboration.

What Do Others Need to Know about Babson?

Babson is the leading institution for global entrepreneurial education. Babson is an academic startup environment best suited to self-starters.

How Do You Define Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is an act of value creation that begins with the discovery of a hidden opportunity which is then realized through a unique combination of resources, networks, teamwork, and leadership.