Monica   Ballin   MBA’12

Monica Ballin MBA’12

Brand Manager, Samuel Adams

“Entrepreneurship is so much more than starting your own business. It's a way of thinking; a mindset.”
Class Year
Corporate Entrepreneurship
Consumer Products – Retail

Advice For Current Job Seekers

Use the majority of your time at Babson to network. There’s an art to doing it right, so work with CCD to understand how to appeal to the people you want to connect with. As an MBA student, you have two years to find what you want to do and to meet people who can help you get there. I do love to help people from Babson, and the emails that really catch my eye are from students who genuinely want help, have clear goals, and understand the purpose of networking and informational interviews.

What Others Need To Know About Babson

Babson gives you the time and resources to develop your skill set, and articulate your goals and see them through. Having a network of people that can help you professionally is one of the best parts about going to Babson. Babson gives you the time and resources to really hone your goals and see them through, regardless of whether they consist of starting your own business or working for a large corporation. As an alum, I love being able to go anywhere in the world and know someone from Babson. Having a network of people ready to help professionally is one of the best parts about Babson. If I ever have business questions that aren’t in my area of expertise, I know I have contacts that could help me.

Words That Changed My Life

Maybe not words per se, but the realization of the importance of relationships. If you don't have people who want to help you, it'll be difficult to succeed alone.

How I Want To Change The World

I’m always looking for ways I can contribute to my community. Changing the world is a big undertaking; something that happens one person at a time. Through volunteering and linking my professional work to create social benefit whenever I can, I hope to make at least a small footprint toward the goal to change the world for the better.

What The World Needs From Entrepreneurs Today

More active problem solvers—people who can look at the everyday issues going on around all of us, and find viable ways to improve them through active, profitable, and sustainable businesses.